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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Now this I can agree with. They introduced an entire new cast in StrikerS, expanded on them in SSX and then... kept using the old cast. The arm of marketing is mighty indeed.

Still doesn't stop me from enjoying Force though.

Agreed. Their counter is still a work in progress. A work in progress that might actually get some visible result now that they have Thoma.
Well it is Nanoha haha. She and the old cast won't be going away any time soon. Either way yes just like you, I'm still enjoying it.

What I do hope is that they do find a way to make the old cast fit back into the story right now (which at least to me from the most recent chapter starting to feel like) so that does make me feel happier and more satisfied than before.

Edit: Just to add, that's one thing I love and enjoy about Vivid. The old cast and the new cast just blends it well together. You have the old cast that you know and love and you have the new cast that you are learning more about them and also love. Not only that, you also have old ex-enemies that you love haha.

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