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These are the last aces of the country? or their best.... then why was that loud mouth girl in their too? She doesn't act a professional at all. Top Gun looks cool and has skill but his flashback with the other pilot interest me. What did he do to warrant that reaction. It looks to me that he is good and skilled. Specially the now long haired "Japanese Doll" Lt. She looks so stuck up on her work to me and take it too seriously and also strict but why would he said that? and why was this project centered to Top Gun? I have too many questions on this series because I don't have any prior knowledge of it and even seeing people discuss about the types of mechs and some info's given. I still didn't understand much. Maybe I would just play the game if I had free time. Another question. When I look at vndb it said that total eclipse run in the same world of alternative. What does this mean? these 2 story is played at the same time? like the alternative is main story and total eclipse is side story? or both are main story and has each own ending that doesn't effect the others without prior knowledge of the other one?

Overall the episode is good to me but Yui leave a bad impression to me on the near ending. I don't know her reasons are and I wish it will be answered next episode or at least someone answered it for me. Even via PM is welcome because I don't get the story at all. I only understand is nomnom that people keep typing with.
Alternative is the main story, Total Eclipse takes place before the main story of Alternative begins. Both have completely different characters/takes place in a different location.
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