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Many sequels and carryovers for this season, trying to keep the list small to spare time of something else:

TOZX (2nd cour) - Enjoyed the first cour, will continue to watch
Konosuba 2 - Again, enjoyed the first series
Chaos;Child - Seems to strangly attracted to this kind of show
Kuzu no Honkai - Heard something about the manga and expect some really messy and dark romance from noitaminA. Perhaps would be a good contrast to Saekano next season.
Rakugo Shinchu 2 - The first season was GOOD and can't wait to see more
Reikenzan 2 - Yeah, this one is bad and cannot expect to improve much. I'm just a sucker for wuxia materials, and would like to see one of the most interesting part of the whole story animated.


3-gatsu no Lion
Gundam IPO2

Perhaps will pick up a few more like Maidragon or Gabriel Dropout later, but that's all for now.
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