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Originally Posted by Kamui4356 View Post
I haven't bought any dvds for a while though... Still need to pick up Ichigo Mashimaro, but I don't really like buying online, and I fear strange looks if I buy them in a store.
Buying online is my primary anime source, imported anime DVDs cost way too much here. Finnish anime DVDs are cheaper (around 10 - 15 €), but the down side is poor quality subs.

Anyway, my latest
My-HiME vol. 6, Rumbling Hearts vol. 1, Shana vol. 3 and Zipang vol. 3. Plus Megami from store.

Damn, watching Kiminozo episode 2 again and few days later, a certain another ero-game to anime episode with a twist at the end was really depressing.
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