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From Italy:

A 2 dvd special edition with a wonderful packaging and a 176 pages volume included:

- Tsubasa Chronichle the Movie
- xxxHoliC the Movie

Previous ones: Beck vol.3 , Noein vol.1 (+ Limited Collector's Box). Next ones: Nana vol.1, vol.2 (+ Limited Collector's Box) when they come out in april.

From UK:

- Only Yesterday (Studio Ghibli)

When the Studio Ghibli's will return to be in offer, I plan to buy Totoro and The Cat Returns. I also miss Porco Rosso and Nausicaa, but they should come out in Italy one day, so I'll still wait a bit. (when possible, I'd rather support my country's market).

I've also scheduled to buy the "Fruits Basket Box Set (4 dvd)". No chances to see this in my country, so I'll go with UK.
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