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^At no point have I said that Sorata shows affection for Nanami. What I said was that Sorata has not shown affection for either of them. So no, the onus is on you to show evidence that Sorata's actions towards Shiina had romantic underpinnings that did not apply to any of his actions towards Nanami.

The points that you have listed above are not indicative of affection by Sorata towards Shiina, and are essentially similar to what he had with Nanami. Motivate him to work harder? Both girls did. Develop an understanding of the girls? Goes for both of them. Help them with their troubles? He did that for both to varying degrees depending on their needs. Basically, if you take the speech he made at the station in this episode and modified it for the hugging scene in the previous episode, it could still make sense.

Of course, there can only be one girl at the end for this series, and the author chose Shiina. So be it. My point is that it could have gone the other way as well and retained a logical structure. The author had put foundations for it to have gone either way, as any author of a rom-com would do, and supporters on both sides had valid arguments even though obviously only one side is left standing at the end.
I really think you dont understand me and the anime itself. Let me make something clear here:

1. When did Sorata get the movtivation to work harder? from he met Mashiro or when Aoyama began to life in Sakurasao? '

Answer: noo, when Mashiro met Sorata. And he already knew Nanami but he was still a person who didnt know what to do with his life. he even confirmed it in this episode.

2. When did Sorata want to do smething with his life and realized he is just nothing at that moment?

Answer: Yes, when he saw that Mashiro was a genius and wanted also to be a genius. And when he saw that whole Sakurasao were geniusus. And then Nanami didnt life at Sakurasao.

Conclusion: the most important motivation came not from Nanami because she was introduced later in the dorm Sakurasao. So i think you misunderstood it here.

For your information the hug with Nanami can not be compared with the confesion at the station. Know that at that time he also have heard that his game was rejected. So he also was fucked up inside. So he also wanted someone to feel miserable with him.

If that is the reason why you think that there were love between them then it is a stupid reason.

YOU havent confinced me yet. All the reason you gave a just rubish.

I Repeat it again: There was no love between Sorata and Namami (only onsided). And Mashiro and Sorata there was love and the actions are talking for themselfs. Go watch the anime. You have just failed to explain it.
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