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Originally Posted by hei View Post
If my memory is correct, I read somewhere that the director said hei certainly has a remuneration. As I cannot find the source now (also I am not very confident about my memory ) I would not be insistent on this, but I will keep this open. Anyway, we can say safely that "eating a lot" is very unlikely to be Hei's remuneration.
And it will probably be left open for the rest of the series as I don't really see the point of having them revealing his remuneration this late in the series if he has one. Leaving the fans in suspense is probably for the best though.

Same saying can be said for his birth name, as it's never been revealed yet.

BTW, judging from the pace of S2, it wouldn't surprise me if they announce DTB S3 soon.
If Ikkitousen and Nodame Cantabile can have one, then I don't see why Darker Than Black cannot.
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