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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
Like a lot of people have pointed out, Bleach is a really character-driven story. Even if it's weak on plot, it still has many characters with appeal and potential. The later arcs are skimpy on character development compared to the earlier ones, but the prospect of seeing the characters that drew you into the manga is enough to keep reading every week.
I don't think I could agree more. At the very least, it provides me with a little more insight as to why I'd sooner give up Bleach over the permanent absence of a single character as oppose to quitting over an undesired direction the plot takes.

Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
Of course, I can't really think of a reason why Chad was given Mexican heritage (other than a flimsy explanation as to why thugs would target a super-ripped giant)
This may seem dissapointing, but it turns out Chad's heritage comes off as more of an afterthought. Supposedly at a comic-con interview one of the attendees asked about Chad's background. His answer was "It wasn't intentional," Kubo replied. When I first started drawing Chad, it just seemed that he should come from a Mexican heritage."

Originally Posted by Mr. DJ View Post
Two things would make drop this or any other series...

1) Kubo pulls a SOE (if you know about the Star Wars Galaxies fiasco, you understand)
2) Ichigo wakes up and part of the series was a dream, ala Dallas.
With regards to #1, I'm very curious and would appreciate it if you could elaborate when you get a chance. I'm familiar with the franchise to the extent the movies cover. But if the "galaxies fiasco" has to do with the novels, then I can't make the connection at all w/ regards to Bleach.

As for possibility #2, does this mean you'd actually quit the series if the prediction of this current arc being Aizen's bankai turns out to be true?
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