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The Dream World was created by everyone and they ARE there. Kyousuke uses the world make Riki and Rin strong enough to survive...but the rest use the world to overcome the regrets they have before dying. Like Kud's regret for not going to her mother when shit hit the fan or Mio not having dealt with her issues with Midori properly or Komari's trauma relating to her brother.

I always assumed Kanata and everyone else that wasn't on the buss at the time of the accident (Saya aside) were simply created and as copies from the real world by whatever power that created the world in the first please (I know they created the world but the power that created such a world could have done it like that), this would also explain some of the extras or people that nobody knew about. Or maybe they were created based on everyone collective memories or something like that.

I'm not sure when Kanata's route is set (before or after Refrain) but I do know that Sasami's route is set AFTER Refrain.
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