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Originally Posted by Zankoku12 View Post
But Kyosuke was on the bus......

And no,Kanata's route take place entirely in the dream world.
Maybe in the real world Kanata is actually in the same class with everyone
Yea, thats why I said Riki's homeroom and Kyousuke. They were all on bus.

Is she in the same class with Riki? I dont remember it ever saying that, but if thats so, then okay.

:edit: I am pretty sure that Kanata is not in Riki's class, since she never shows up in the many classroom scenes as a classmate, and when Riki first sees her he doesnt mention that shes in his class. Meaning she never was on the bus, never died, and didnt know about the Dream world. So I dont think her route could take place in the dream world if the real Kanata was never there.

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