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You mean like Saya case ? I haven't thought about that but if Kanata is an outsider like Saya,I doubt Kyosuke would just leave anything outside his plan interfered like that.
Kanata also have drama CD that seem to have happened after her route :

The first vid is obviously take place after her route but in the second vid she mentioned about the upcoming school trip so it took place before the bus accident ?

Kurugaya and Kyosuke are the leader of their respective gender.It's like they are King and Queen.Not the best words to describe them but it does really look like they ruling/leading the group together.
....Now I just sound like I ship KyosukexKurugaya
But if Kanata was part of Kyousuke's plan..... well, I guess we'd never know how she ended up in the dream world, unless we regard the whole thing as uncanonical, which is quite odd.

Of course, she could just as well have been on that bus - perhaps because Haruka sneaked onto that bus. Well.... possibly?

Though, if Kurugaya's true end was really the canonical ending, then technically, it'll be Riki and Kurugaya leading the Little Busters the next year, for both their respective genders.....

Sigh, we'd never get a Kurugya After, though arguably, Kud did deserve her own Afterstory too....

For some reason though, I tend to see the girls being sub-grouped more tightly in two general friendship circles, with Kurugaya, Mio and Haruka forming one circle, and Rin, Kud and Komari forming the other. I'm not sure how valid that perception is.....
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