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The Nanoha figurine that I put the order in is Alter as well. Good Smile's Nanoha in Excelion feels a little lacking and yes, I do like the 'main cannon' form for RH instead of device mode. What I plan to do is to modify the RH so that Nanoha would have the fins out and going full steam and to make an Excelion mode staff head for RH (I think that would look good for Nanoha in her pose). For that, I need to figure out how big is the shaft though if I want to allow for several different heads to be fitted with the shaft. It's going to take a while since I put ISAL on it.

(although suggestions on what should Nanoha the figurine should be holding weapon wise would be a great topic all in itself... maybe she should raid Golden Pikachu's treasury)

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