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We have a new dog. ^_^

His name is Tenshi. ^_^

The reason for that is that I joked and said, "Let's call him Onizuka." (from GTO)
When we would call him we would use the short version "Oni" which means demon. (I think Oni sounds cool.)
My mother didn't like that, so she said, "What about angel?"
So then it became Tenshi.

But they wanted to add some more. (As if one word for a dog name isn't enough. >_<)
Then it became "guardian angel" but the only version of which we liked the sound was:
Mori no Tenshi ( 守りの天使 ) or Angel of protection.
(Could someone with more Japanese knowledge then me check this for me? ^_^;;
Especially the "Mori" part. (protection; defense; safeguard; charm; talisman)
Could it also mean "angel's talisman" instead of "angel of protection")

So if it's correct Japanese, he's full name will be Mori no Tenshi and Tenshi for short. ^_^

Ow, and he's four breeds of dogs in one. ^_^ (Don't know the English breed names though.)
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