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We might be arguing over words here, but I see karuta (and quiz show etc) as being able to augment each other, rather than substitution, because ultimately you have to fight in the respective "game" in order to win, seek revenge etc.
Using Taichi as an example, Taichi's battle for Chihaya's heart is such a roundabout way (karuta) that, in the end, it won't get her to be aware of his feelings, especially considering how oblivious she is.
Ultimately, he will have to confess to her in a direct manner, but karuta is the means that will give him the courage to do so.
I'm sure you are right. But what good would Taichi's confession be, if Chihaya cannot respond to it in the same spirit that Taichi offers it? Chihaya already has a passion and aspiration and community all formed within karuta. I don't think she is oblivious to Taichi's feelings as she is conversant in a different mode of emotional expression. Chihaya and Taichi speak different languages, he that of romantic love and she that of karuta. I don't think Taichi lacks courage to confess his feelings; I think he just realizes his confession would fall on uncomprehending ears.

Substitution is a form of translation, but translation preserves the essential differences between languages that divide Chihaya from Taichi. To use your terms, they both need to be playing the same game for them to overcome their current impasse. At this point they are not, and I doubt there is anything Taichi can do to get her to do so.

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