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Originally Posted by Crontica View Post
This "discussion" has dragged out since what season 1? I'd agree if it was discussed maybe 5 times over the course of the season but how many times has Taichi been pegged down with this particular type of discussion? Dear god it's almost overshadowing the rest of the cast. Not that there's much to discuss about since there hasn't been a breather episode as of late but wow.
You misunderstand: the reason Taichi is talked about a lot is because he along with Chihaya are the main characters (and she also gets a lot of discussion)

The discussion is also not whether Taichi is a good or bad character (although for some people it might be like that) but we do discuss Taichi because he is a complex character with many layers. Only a well written character creates discussion.

Although I think all the characters are great.

Edit: Also there is a major difference between people who see what Taichi did as another excuse to hate his character (maybe a couple posters) to those who dislike what he did in this episode but see it as a character flaw (a good thing in writing) which is what I saw from most posters.
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