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Originally Posted by Shiyumi View Post
The later, like what happen to Roller and Taker.
Vertical Climb was not a hidden ability. It is not something that Ash Roller originally had. That's why it was a bonus.

Ash Roller was built around the Night Rocker. The motorcycle may have already had various options like snow-treads for the "Ice and Snow" stage or a jet-ski mode for water-based stages (otherwise the bike would be a huge liability)...

But the power to climb walls was just as much an "extra" as the enhanced speed or the missiles.

For Silver Crow, having Aviation be hidden would have been like the Night Rocker or Pile Driver or Choir Chime start out unequipped and hidden from Roller, Pile and Bell. These are the central features they are built around.

Aviation is not an "extra", it's an "essential". Vertical Climb is no more essential to Ash Roller than Splash Stinger is to Cyan Pile.

The best ideal I can think of for now is this: What will happen if someone able to collect all parts(or their user) of the great constellation.
They'd get a spoon or a bear?

Also, the word is "idea". "Ideal" is something different.
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