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Originally Posted by tusjecht View Post
Gold, don't look at his mask, if Crow is anything to go by the mask is not the same colour as the body. Look at his chest piece instead; that dark green that looks more like mossy green or a leaf is the colour Ash.
Hmm, good point. And yeah, I can kind of see how his chest and shoulder armor is a pale, dirty Green.

"Grey" refers to colours that are mixed with more black in them, indicating special attack affinity.

Edge isn't a "greyscale" avatar either.
But you said Grey is something with a lot of black, and he's a Blue with lots of black, but he's not Grey. Which is it?

I suspect they rarely interacted much in AW, due to an implication from a [bad] spoiler between herKYH and Graphite Edge.
No, THIS I'm interested in.

I've been wondering why Lotus, who apparently once idolized her sister, would take a different mentor in Graphite Edge and break away from White Cosmos to form her own legion.

Originally Posted by Shiyumi View Post
There is no hidden ability in Accel World
Of course there is. Aviation didn't appear on Silver Crow's Move List at all, despite being an ability that requires deliberate, conscious activation.

It was therefore, at least in some sense, hidden.

When Roller was Lv1 has nothing except the bike(just a normal bike with no additions at that time).
You assume he didn't have a Special Attack? I think he probably had one, but didn't need it in either fight. By the time the second fight went badly for him, he couldn't use his bike-based Special Attack, just as Cyan Pile's SP gauge became useless after Dusk Taker destroyed his Pile-Driver.

And a Lv2, full HP Roller still lost to a Lv1,damaged Crow(without Flight) in a first fight.
Which just goes to show how badly an easy win can slip away if your opponent manages a clever trick to neutralize your advantage. The fight between Silver Crow and Cyan Pile worked out the same way, only with less cleverness and far more dumb luck.

Even Lv1 Pile has nothing except his stinging attack
Groundless conjecture. You not only have no evidence to support this idea, I have evidence to throw right back at you. Lime Bell and Silver Crow both had Special Moves even at Level 1. Silver Crow's attack was pathetic, but indicates that the similarly pathetic Spiral Gravity Driver may also be a Level 1 special attack.

The system decide that Crown Lv1 is fine without Flight.
Except it didn't because it gave him flight right from the start. That was a done deal, and the system couldn't very well take it away.

Actually it was rather unfair when he got Flight at Lv1, almost no Lv1 can win against him.
Silver Crow is weak against Red opponents. Before he activates flight, they can shoot him before he can close in to punch or kick, and when he flies he becomes a wide open target.

He had some easy wins for a Level or two, because people were still figuring out how to deal with a flier, but then everyone figured out his weakness, which anyone with a decent ranged attack could exploit.

He figured out how to counter snipers, but that's just covering for his weakness. It doesn't eliminate the weakness, nor prevent snipers from coming up with counter-counter strategies.

"You did not fly because of the wings. Itís the opposite. So that you can fly, you made the wings materialize."
Yeah, and he did this when he had the nightmare. In the nightmare, he wished for flight, and the wings were born to give him flight.
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