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Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
But you said Grey is something with a lot of black, and he's a Blue with lots of black, but he's not Grey. Which is it?
With no other word to express the black-ness of a colour, it seems inevitable in hindsight, this'd happen.

I meant to say that he is a blue colour mixed with lots of black to get a nearly black avatar.

Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
No, THIS I'm interested in.

I've been wondering why Lotus, who apparently once idolized her sister, would take a different mentor in Graphite Edge and break away from White Cosmos to form her own legion.
Okay then. For clarification; Edge and Cosmos didn't interact, it's between KYH and Edge.

Spoiler for Edge and Lotus:

Awrya...okay, I'll consider it.

In the meantime, I'd better hurry to translate V11.2, Breakdown16 just got out V8.3. ):
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