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In the KYH wiki spoiler, they attempted the Palace invasion after Rider got chopped, so after even that failed, it was either because they were in deep enough trouble without trying the invasion, or they suspected Lotus' leadership after having had sh*t hit the fan twice. Whichever was the case at that point in time they're still high-level Linkers, it's highly unlikely they'll be seriously hunted just by affiliation to Lotus.

As for why they can't inch out of the palace...that place is classified as a dungeon, right? It would not surprise me that dungeons have their own special rules regarding respawns, particularly a rule that says they must respawn inside the aggro area, not just where they died.

The way I see it, V9 is the closing of a second arc in the story, the rescue if Maiden and the purification of the armour. Now that I acquired chinese raws of all volumes...I kinda regret taking up V11 first. But I'll finish that first before I consider V9.
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