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There are various possible reasons why they finally got a E7 movie off the ground 2 years after the original series ended. None of this could possibly be related to "great sales" because I know for a fact that E7 is not selling great in the US. It didn't do great numbers in Japan either, averaging about 6-7k per volume.

It could be that Kyoda and Yoshida actually managed to sell a really solid concept to Bandai to convince them to greenlight this. It's also possible that BONES has several well connected producers that are willing to back them simply because they're impressive creatively. It's also possible that Kyoda spent the last 2 years begging on the streets after work every day just to save enough spare cash to fund it himself. :P

Either way, this is BONES' 10th anniversary and they're definitely giving it their all. Hopefully most if not all of their new properties are successful, otherwise we might see another year or two with really low output from BONES. I wonder how Sword of the Stranger will do in terms of sales, because it'll definitely have to make up for a lackluster box office performance. -_-
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