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The world is sometimes interesting, like how Madhouse manages to churn out utter shit sometimes and then go support fantastic people like Yuasa and co.

Behind Bones' output of creator-based original works (that I am sure the staff feel very passionate about), they have to do the money-makers now and then I guess. This time it's Soul Eater...
Perhaps they are still making money from FMA, Ouran and such popular properties despite being just an animation studio?

I probably am misunderstanding a lot since I don't know what it's like behind the scenes, but it seems kinda inspiring to see them continue supporting original works (and doing them so much better than the average studio) even if they don't hit off so well (even I personally haven't enjoyed them that much)
If it keeps the staff together and builds up goodwill between everyone, helping everyone mature and improve by bouncing ideas off each other and working on new things rather than adaptations... then in a way, it's a pretty good investment in itself too, isn't it?

Again, I'm just talking entirely out of my ass here, but I'm imagining that Bones sees it is more important to retain its talent and the character of its studio by allowing them to do this sort of stuff, even at the expense of not selling that well. In this way, when they really need the talent for big projects that help support the studio and its original works, they can get them too... So in the long term it helps their image as well, I suppose.

This is all considering where Bones came from in the first place - surely it's safe to assume that they don't want to end up like the company that they broke off from, and know what to do to keep the right people inside.

But I still don't understand why this has to be a movie and not an OVA.
Thanks for the fish
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