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Originally Posted by 7Th View Post
No, Gurren-Lagann is a retelling too. Retelling: same themes through a different script, which means something “TOTALLY NEW” in my eyes. I guess “remake “ would a better term, though.
No, it's a goddamn compilation movie, like RahXephon. :P

Originally Posted by MrProphet View Post
Don't confuse us with this banter, please!

So this is, basically, the Alternative World version? Same characters, same surroundings, different setting, different plot?
There are several theories right now, but it's very likely that Kyoda is trying for a unqiue angle that will make the movie both a new story about the same characters and still somehow tie it into the continuity.

Don't the BONES people already have several studios? I know that FMA was made on BONES Studio C, which implies there are also units A and B.

Or is it more like a completely different company, but under the one corporate heading, sort of like Production I.G has 3 studios inside of it, but then it also has XEBEC for different type of work?

I don't really understand the purpose here. Though, funny fact: BONES was formed when Sunrise spun off a separate animation unit to work on Bebop movie. Now BONES is spinning off a studio of its own to work on E7 movie on their 10th anniversary.
BONES has A Studio, B Studio and C Studio within BONES. This is a completely different company located a few minutes away from BONES' actual location. Think of it as Studio Khara and Gainax.
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