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Originally Posted by GreenLama View Post
Well, I gave this series a chance this morning and I watched the first two episodes only to find that this anime is definatly not for me. The plot moved way to quick in my opinion and the story really was a mix of not making any sense and being too cliche, which is an odd combination. Well, at least I can say I gave it a shot and tried to get into it, I just find this series to be an aquired taste for anime fans....
The first episode is a complete parody fyi. Anyways, it's not really an acquired taste, though it is pretty cliche at first. After around ep 6 or 7, there's alot of foreshadowing, making the story more interesting, and the end of the first season pretty much blew away everyone that was watching it with its plot twist cliffhanger. I'm not gonna say to try watching it again or something though, just wanted to point that out.
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