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Originally Posted by bladeofdarkness View Post
i prefer to think of it as karma saying
"hey Lelouch"
"remember how you chose to do your plan instead of ending the war like a normal person ?"
"remember all the people you murdered in order to do that plan ?"
"did you really think you can just rest in peace after all that ?"

"you wanted to created a world where everyone on the planet hates your guts"
"well, congratulations"
"now you get to live in it"

now THAT is something i can accept
it actually kinda fitting for lelouch's masterplan to turn into a massive case of "nice job breaking it, hero"
its perfectly in character for him
he did zero-requiem because his ego didn't allow him to do anything else, so having it come back to bite him in the ass is practiclly Newtonian
"for every action there is a reaction"

Originally Posted by Laurcus View Post
I would like that too, as long as Lelouch then realizes what an idiot he's been and helps try to fix it. You know some actual character development lol.
Okay, this is WAAAYYYY too harsh. How exactly do you end war the normal way persay exactly?

He did the Zero-Requiem because it was effective. Was it ego? Perhaps, I lean toward an attitude of genuine care for those that knew him as being a factor as well, and his belief that one has to actually step up to what he says, basically how only those who kill have a right to be killed in turn.

I really don't see anyone else coming up with better ideas honestly, so does anyone think they have validity in criticizing him for at least trying where everyone else just sits on their behinds in front of the computer screen here

And btw, this is just getting way too off-topic already and I think you guys are taking way too much advantage of this forum to just vent out unnecsesary complaints about Lelouch here so mind cutting it out already? <_<
"That is why we must embrace carnage. In order to not waste the blood that has already been shed, we have no choice but to shed even more."- Lelouch Vi Britannia
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