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Originally Posted by KrimzonStriker View Post
Yes, because people can't die, or shouldn't die, or don't die when you try to do things concerning life and death, and... wait, I forgot, we don't live in Candy Land! Oh well, there goes the saintly-moral judgmental method right there!

Oh who are you trying to kid? You remember the last person that didn't agree with Lelouch's methods? Yeah, I wonder how far Suzaku managed to get by them with all his morality junk. Approval, smosal, what matters in the end is that they actually manage to do something about it and be the one left standing after its all said and done. Without either of those idealism just gets tooted as decorated varnish that lacks any substance from spine-less hypocrites only going so far as their whining mouths takes them, which is to say not very far at all, or people who just get stomped into the dust and forgotten in the end.
Well, you don't have to take it so personally. It's not just Lelouch, I pretty much disapprove of anyone who uses methods like that (and war in general). The thing about Lelouch though is...well, he didn't have to enjoy so damn much.
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