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Well, in my opinion, it would be pretty difficult for Mikogami and Tohou Fuhai to enter the Flying Garden as easily as Tsukune's team managed to infiltrate it After all Fairy Tale's HQ has most likely been put into a state of alert, after Tsukune's team has been discovered.

Furthermore , if you think about Tsukune's attitude I think he has more to demonstrate then what he had seen n chapter 43, to the point where he might not even need further reinforcements. After all, if you think about it, you don't usually cross fists with the leader of the enemy, in the middle of their own base, say that you will rescue the hostage that the enemy needs to realize their objective, unless you're pretty confident about you're own abilities.

So, taking that into consideration I think that Tsukune's team should manage to rescue Moka no matter who Tsukune will need to fight to reach Moka.
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