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Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
Before talking about high class promotion, Ise definitely needs some lessons in strategy. Akeno said that for mid to high class, not only will they test strenght, but also strategy and tactic used in defeating the opponent.

No matter what other say, rushing towards the opponent in a linear line and start a mud fight is not a infallible strategy made by a genius
Originally Posted by Mammon View Post
I see,I have another question,Does grafias original house count as high class(or pure devil)as her house is seen as extra devil?
Originally Posted by Soji View Post
Awrya@ Well i remember ise say (some one correct me if i'm wrong) to not feel ready to be a king and that he need more time/ a long time for that.Anyway there is not hurry. I'm sure he fine to be Rias pawn for now and learn /grow more to become a king.
Your right but issei has shown that he has some strategy and like Clown-kun said he is very resorceful which is a great thing for a strategist and will speed up that development, and from what we've seen he is a great study so he should be able to learn strats a little quik just not soon as he'll be having finals soon if i remember right.

Soji@ i think you mean when he said it seems that the path to high class is still far off, not that he needed time, only sirechs and azrazel said that because he'd have a target on his back but thats kinda pointless now since basically every god like being in the DXD universe is now wary of him especially after vol.12.

Mammon@ the author said we'll never see it again
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