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I don't get why Law traded his heart for Monet's either. It's not like Ceaser cares about his subordinates, so having Monet's heart doesn't give Law any kind of leverage against him. He totally screwed himself. He must have been really desperate to get his hands on... whatever it is he wants.

Interesting that you mention this, because Aohige mentions in the spoiler thread that CC implies that Law is actually STRONGER than him (though I think the current chapter translation implies the opposite). So the heart exchange thing pretty much IS insurance in case Law betrayed him (which he most certainly did).....

Anyways, fun chapter. I'm loving those new goofy expressions from CC. In fact, he's pretty much becoming the most expressive OP villain since Moria. And is it just me, or does one of the NW pirates shown this chapter sorta look like Basil Hawkins with a cowboy hat.....?

And yeah, looks like Vergo's in cahoots with CC after all. The fact that he's in possession of Law's heart instantly explains how he made Law collapse when he first appeared. Though I'm now wondering where exactly Law is keeping Monet's heart (BTW, I found it rather odd how easily she agreed to give up such a vital organ in the first place)....

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Monet has a shape-shifting power? Kind of confused about that line.
Well, the translated chapter even mentions that she transformed in order to keep tabs on Law, so this definitely implies that she has some sort of Zoan power (whether or not it's related to her harpy form is still unclear, though).....
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