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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
- Kirito got paralyzed, but his HP was dropping at a percentile rate, heavy poison style.
Actually, if i remember correctly, no. He was just paralyzed, Kuradeel still had to came to kill him.

Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
At least Kirito going off to his resort with his fiancee (who didn't get an engagement ring, cheapskate Kirito xD) is reasonable, they'll take a break for a few months and go back to clearing the game sometime later :P
I'm guessing he used the ring he got from as a last hit drop from the boss last ep? I'm not sure if was a ring, but since it has been shown, i can speculate, right? A ring of +10 of stamina and instant teleport of your partner. That would be nice.

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
If they beat the boss of floor 74, they would be on floor 75 now, so the arena being there isn't THAT strange.
What i mean is, they can populate a floor that fast? I should check the dates, but according to the calendar the boss was killed just a few days before the whole duel whatever. Maybe they can, but it still seems a little soon.
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