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Concerning the Arc-en-Ciel

アルカンシェル - Arc-en-Ciel
(A's DVD6)
A magic cannon equipped to the Administration Bureau's larger warships.
Boasting the highest destructive power within the Administration Bureau's naval armory, use of the Arc-en-Ciel is only allowed in certain conditions or against certain targets, and only when specific requirements are fulfilled. The projectile has nearly no destructive power itself; instead, a short time after impact, a spatial distortion and a subsequent annihilating reaction is generated. As the area of effect is even greater than the maximum firing range, withdrawing to a safe location after firing by Transferring is an absolute must.

It would seem the power of the Arc-en-Ciel isn't scalable, and in fact it sounds like an actual physical projectile is launched, rather than being some beam attack (at least according to the booklet... does it actually look like that? )
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