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Uhh, this might be a long list. There's just too many cool moments. Let's see.

*) "Dakara" ep 1

*) "Dakara" ep 23

*) Kallen self-doubt and reaffirmation "I'll walk with you" at the docks

*) Kaguya's long speech ep23

*) "The one who killed Clovis... was I"

*) Wakamoto's "That fellow... he finally did it"

*) Euphie's encounter with Lelouch at the island, and all subsequent scenes between them in that episode.

*) Ohgi's "love letter" scene

*) Kallen meeting C.C. for the first time after Narita

*) Lelouch, Kallen, and the hot-dog seller

*) Bunny Kallen bumping into Lelouch

*) Lelouch watching the soldiers execute themselves in R2, and subsequently the whole "I will/ can change the world" while his hair is blowing in the wind.

*) "Lelouch, are you at school right now"? in 23

*) Kallen taking off her mask in 24

*) Cornelia recognizing Lelouch immediately despite not having seen him since he was a little kid

*) Darlton impaling Cornelia with his big... uhm... lance

*) Zero's scheme at the Fuji mine
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