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the "boston tea party" and the "9-11 party" will be remembered as the time when americans borded a vehicle, and did stupid stuff...
I find it quite offensive that you would call the bosten tea party stupid. The Boston tea party was one of the key events that led to the American Revolutionary war against Britain and gave Americans freedom from a oppressive government.

To spite it is a slap in the face to ANY country that had to fight for freedom from a oppressive government.

or, if history remembers 9-11 as bush attacking us for votes, in public schools across the nation 200 years from now...
The whole 9/11 event practically killed Bush's chances of winning the election. There was the issue of security, did he know, the 9/11 commission, terror levels, etc... This lasted at least a good 4 months and was horrible publicity for Bush....So to say it made him get votes just for that makes no sense. What he did get votes for was his effort on terrorism...whether you agree with it or not, the majority of Americans felt more confident in his plans than Kerry's...end of story.
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