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Originally Posted by longshot View Post
ohh poor yuuji he's lost the power of god, so his marriage to shouko is predetermined....well at least his children may continue the summoning wars(assuming). Hey wait a minute...if baka test ends will what are the odds that there will be a future sequal with the main casts children.
no more interesting fight then....the current cast is balanced out the difference between A and F class, but once they have offspring, it's not balance anymore

It will end like this one:
Yuuji (Prodigy Children) + Shouko (Valedictorian) = Super smart offspring
Akihisa (kind idiot) + Himeji (2nd smartest of whole Fumitzuki) = Smart and kind offspring
Tsuchiya (Ninja pervert) + Aiko (pervert girl) = Super pervert and athletic offspring
Shimada (wrester) + Gorilla (ape) = very strong offspring
Hideyoshi (trap) + Snail (hermaphrodite) = Genderless offspring

if they end up in the same class again, no one can beat them in Summoning Wars
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