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Pretty awesome episode, I'd say.

My general position towards the philosophy of the Sybil system remains unchanged (that limiting human freedom and keeping citizens in ignorance can be justified under very specific contexts), but overconfidence should have its limits. It's one thing to completely place one's trust in the Sybil system if we consider that very trust is a result of conditioning, but relying completely on a single crop to cover an entire nation's food needs is pushing it. It seems needlessly reckless, an Achilles Heel created for its own sake.

On that note, it's nice to get a glimpse of the society's international relations, particularly the strictly enforced border security and the severe restriction on importation. Without these two things, it would have been near impossible to keep Sybil as it is, so I'm glad to see this point clarified. To put things into perspective, the society is fairly isolated, allowing the citizens to live out their lives happily without contamination from foreign influences and strengthening the Sybil's grip on their lives.

Now, the most interesting point here in this episode is, as people seem to agree, Sybil suddenly deciding to reveal everything to Akane. True enough, she was shown to be quite capable of thinking beyond the system without necessarily devaluing it. The question now is whether Sybil intends on integrating her into itself. I would agree that she has that potential that can fill in some of the more questionable gaps in Sybil's judgment.
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