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In fairness, perhaps with the hyper-oats thing they had no other viable option. If they were to feed their people while relying absolutely zero on foreign food imports, perhaps the only viable way to achieve that was to totally max out the hyper-oats option.*

However, it is here that we see yet another downside to the Sybil system - The complete cessation of importation. Not being able to benefit from the whole world's goods and products and services is obviously to the detriment of your average Japanese person in the world of Psycho-Pass. It drastically limits their consumer choices (and their choices in general).

*Think of it as being like an energy supply issue. Not every nation has vast reserves of oil. Not every nation has the natural resources for hydroelectricity. For some nations to fulfill their people's energy needs, without importing anything from other countries, they might have little option but to go 99% nuclear. Or 99% some new energy supply method. Because they just don't have alternate resources within the nation itself. I'm not sure how much, or what type, of food is grown in real world Japan (well, obviously they produce a lot of rice and fish), but depending on the natural limitations of the food resources of Japan, perhaps it was hyper-oats or bust.
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