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Originally Posted by Qilin View Post
That's that thing. Such a thing doesn't even need anyone to contaminate it for the whole thing to come crashing down. All it would take is a single random mutation from some hypothetical pest to kill of an entire harvest, or at least a significant part of it. That's unless the system truly believes that its calculations regarding genetics and agriculture are indeed perfect, which I would doubt since this is science we're talking about. Facts are only true until they are proven wrong.
These are the same brains who couldn't bother to defend their inner sanctum with a couple of machine gun turrets slaved to defend the system from intruders independently of a Dominator Psychopass scan. If Choe had brought along a box full of pipe bombs and had choose to use them immediately, he would have utterly crippled the Sybil system. And don't forget the whole "Yeah, we're worried about the danger of psycho hazard causing widespread disorder, but we don't need to invest in riot suppression strategies".

It's a bit too late to act surprised about Sybil Japan having ludicrous internal security weaknesses.
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