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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
^Again assuming that any other nation has any reason at all to invade Japan.
They seemed to think it was a big enough concern to build giant drone tanks to defend the borders.
One shudders to imagine what kind of weaponry this thing is packing if its got anything like a scaled up dominator.

One does not create giant hunter killers like this unless you're thinking there's at least some possibility of you being attacked by outside powers.
Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I'd also like to correct something about the brains: They don't understand Makishima, so the very notion of him targeting the food supply wouldn't even occur to them.
Not even contemplating that something you don't understand could be dangerous to you is an example of rather flawed thinking.

More to the point. If you think there are external national security threats that would warrant building giant robot tanks that can level a small's rather strange to think that external national security threats couldn't manifest as attacks against inferstructure and agriculture.
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