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Your provide can block EVERYTHING outright if they want now. Doesn't matter if it's foreign or not. Got some free foreign service that competes with them? Blocked. It doesn't take much, given how shameless they are they'll just throw some excuse like that they found virus or child porn or some such. It's not like they even need to though as what the hell can you do? not subscribe to their monopoly? you already sold away your right to choose another provider long ago. Go and throw your tears into this feedback form that leads to nowhere.

Previously they had to hold back and just screw with companies behind closed doors to avoid public ire because there wasn't full assurance of how covered they were. They got caught and NN was born. But now? This time the FCC legalized it so no need to worry about all that shit, they can literally charge you for wikipedia and google. Don't want to pay? Sorry but in our Kingdom of company Varizon to which you are a unwilling citizen/slave subscriber we take security seriously! That's why only sites with our Ultra Secure Certificates (that we only sell to trusted partners) can be used, and only sites we have verified can be browsed. We're still in the 200 year process of verifying google, facebook, youtube, twitter, reddit, etc until then we have provided these secure superior verizon alternatives with all your favorite ads. If you need these services for work reasons please contact our daylight robbery sales team for a quote on our enterprise offering.

Originally Posted by Wandering Soul View Post
This is not how I want to wrap up this year. Congress could block it, but I'm not holding my breath.
At this point if there's not some great war coming we should already consider it ending well.

The Trump administration has not only fucked with the US but seems to be searching for opportunities to start the fucking apocalypse every week. I think everyone in the WORLD already considers the Trump presidency the biggest joke in contemporary history, but that still won't do anything to stop Trump from stepping in on even more sensitive issues. Garbage internally can be fixed when he gets kicked out, some external issues can be fixed too. But wars? It's gonna take hell and back to fix those.

Speaking of which where do they even find these speakers of his? From PR spokesperson to this FCC guy, every word that comes out of their mouth is one shameless excuse after another. They might as well have a T-shirt with "Like candy from a baby" on it.

Then again, this dialog of theirs seems to be inherent to most supporters...

It seems there's quite a lot of people of the opinion that it's better not to have NN, even though it doesn't benefit them at all and also all forms of non-violent protest have been clearly exhausted and thoroughly stepped on by these "people" (good luck with speaking with your wallet when the choice is alternative is nothing even for people in supposedly well off areas).

Also, they must have an entire research team of hundreds dedicated to WhatAboutism. It's quite interesting what new ways they find to use it, such as "But what about, these [unrelated] organizations [that we just robbed of any legal jurisdiction by removing NN], they can enforce it! [once in a blue moon in insignificant case that does nothing but fuck with public opinion and give us whatabout-ammo]"

Surprisingly Trump support is not really fluctuating: which is quite scary when you think about it. This isn't some god damn reality show, but it seems some are quite happy to with the what happens when the funny man breaks everything philosophy, so I guess they're having a great time enjoying everything burn.
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