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@ Catgirls (first post)

" 3. Please be specific when requesting an animated GIF for an avatar
We're not mind readers. We do not know what you want, so give us something specific to work with. Be detailed about the description and make sure you keep the time frame something like 2-3 seconds long. All animated GIF avatars must fit in under 50KB. Keep the scene short and simple. "

Mmm.. I don't know.. way back before Suzumiya Haruhi I used an avatar of the battle scene of Nina and Arika.. I had a scene with Nina flying towards Arika.. a scene of Arika flying towards Nina.. and a scene of dot vs dot action.. that gif was definably of unreasonable length and complexity and I got it AS friendly.. and I've done some not so great avys of some battle scenes in Utawarerumono.. so basically it's doable but the result is.. uhh.. based on luck..
Well I don't mind if people ask for unreasonably long scenes just as long as they don't expect me to get all the key-frames and complete tweens in there..

How about deleting the "2-3 seconds" thing and replacing it with something more exact like this.. for example..

Complexity Level : A
Description : Avatars of a simple scenes, like a character blinking or some simple expression or movement..
Example : Black kitty drinking milk..
Result : High Quality 100% of the time..

Complexity Level : S
Description : Avatars with a little more complexity.. character moving more in them or a scene camera change.. colors moving on the screen..
Example : Scene with black kitty drinking milk and a bottle next to the kitty.. bottle braking in next scene due to gunshot.. *scene change to a pic of a catgirl*
Result : Medium to High Quality .. minor quality loss sometimes..

Complexity Level : SS
Description : Long battle scenes.. characters and objects flying around.. generally long 'unstable' sequences with tons of movement..
Example : Black kitty running and dodging bullets with tons of objects breaking left and right..
Result : Low to Medium Quality MAX.. scene-chop is to be expected.. 100x100 Square is out of the question.. 50/50 success rate..

When asking for SS class stuff expect a somewhat long wait compare to normal requests..

For Animated Sigs the complexity level goes down 1.5 levels compared to Avatars (meaning SS impossible with currently allowed file formats) for the big ones..
Higher complexity levels become possible by decreasing size closer to avatar level..

  • Making blinking animated avatars (and even sigs) out of basic static pics is possible.. (the character in the source pic must have the eyes open)
  • Making avatars by combining different scenes from different time frames or even eps is possible..
  • Making avatars with random shapes for borders is possible..
  • Making avatars that loop X amount of time and then stop is possible..
  • Changing the orientation of the scene is possible.. (ex: the character is facing left.. it's very easy to make him face right)

    Consider the above SS class as some take lots of time and patience.

Post Scriptum - How about adding a poll on top asking if people are capable of making their own avys.. or something like that.. just for fun thread..
I've been wondering how many capable souls there are on the forum..
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