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Closed Thread
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Old 2007-06-18, 09:01   Link #1401
Join Date: Apr 2006
Looking for a translation checker for the first episode of

Project: Iron Leaguer

studio: Sunrise

opening / ending on youtube
episode 1 on a youtube like site

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Old 2007-06-18, 12:53   Link #1402
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Position(s): JP->ENG Translators, Timers, Typesetters, QCers, Super BT Seeders
Group: Anime-Share Fansubs
Project(s): Tales of Symphonia, Wangan Midnight
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: ShinkuRyu or Neobody

We are a new group still looking for people who wants to join our staff. We are currently doing Tales of Symphonia as our project and we're planning on releasing Wangan Midnight. We will have more in the future.

~Neobody desu
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Old 2007-06-19, 03:51   Link #1403
Join Date: Feb 2004
Position: Translator
Series: Kamichama Karin
Group: [kedex-subbing]

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Old 2007-06-19, 18:54   Link #1404
False Dawn
Florsheim Monster
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: UK
Age: 33
Group: Umai Fansubs
Project: Baccano!
Position: Translator
Contacts: Contact me, Galdamez951, or Kuri` at #Umai on rizon. Or PM here. Or email:

So basically, the merry troupe of Umai would like to pick up Baccano! this summer because the preview pretty much got us raring to go for it. Unfortunately, the translator and a few others are tied up with Romeo x Juliet at the moment, so we've been forced to look for another translator if we wish to do Baccano!

For anyone interested: Baccano! is looking like it's shaping up to be a good series (a gangster series set in 1930s America has to be good) and we think it would complement our current series, Romeo x Juliet as well (both seem quirky period dramas ).

So yeah, if any translators still haunt this place (and haven't been scared away by the people who jump on every translator that enters animesuki forums >.>), please let us know if you're interested.
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Old 2007-06-20, 02:04   Link #1405
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Group: Tatertotz
Project: Various
Position: Get!
Contact: PM or MSNmessenger

Do you like fonts and rainbows? Then we need you!
Looking for someone who can 'spiffy' up the text without using comicSans MS
Work load should be completed in a timely fashion, around two weeks.
(don't worry, work load is like one episode a month)
Knowledge of VLC player would be nice but not required. If you want to learn about fansubbing and want to start here, we'll take you!

oh yeah, and if any translator is unable to find a group after the ten or so posts above this one are filled, we'll take you too!

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Old 2007-06-24, 01:51   Link #1406
Nice Boat.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Post removed.

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Old 2007-06-24, 06:27   Link #1407
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Positions: Karaoke and Encoder

Group: Subbers Anonymous
IRC: #SubbersAnonymous @
Contacts: Jei-sensei
Projects: Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, others

We are a new group that is just starting out. We need help in the feilds of karaoke and encoding. If you are willing to help let me know. Everyone is welcome.
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Old 2007-06-25, 15:41   Link #1408
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Position: Translator
Group: Konaku-Subs
Project: Devil May Cry, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
IRC Channel: None currently
IRC Contact: As stated

We're a new group starting up, and we already have an editor, timer, torrentguy(seeder of course) and encoder. We're open for other positions too, the more the better to increase what we're making, but we're mainly after a translater right now.

Last edited by Katraal; 2007-07-10 at 08:45. Reason: Adding new project.
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Old 2007-06-26, 10:58   Link #1409
Join Date: Dec 2005
Wanted: sub/scanlation group
Anime/manga/show: any
Contact: PM me
Email: just PM me please

Basically, we are a website that is looking to bring together sub/scan groups.
we wish to provide resources for sub groups such as private forums and news pages with sub-domains.
the reason for this is simple, it brings in more traffic and promotes a good atmosphere where like minded people can talk together.
we also hope to bring together a group specifically for japanese live action, but all things in good time.
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Old 2007-06-26, 20:33   Link #1410
Sentosha Fansubber
Join Date: Apr 2006
Age: 29
Send a message via MSN to Wickio
Sentosha Fansubs

Position: Translator, Translation Checker
Group: Sentosha Fansubs
Projects: Kinnikuman (TV series, movies, sequels, etc), Ashita no Joe (TV series, movies)
IRC Channel: |
IRC Contact: Wickio/Elegan

Looking for translators and checkers to help out on new projects as mentioned above. All positions are currently occupied except for translators and checkers (although help will be considered), so if you feel you can help out, please send me and e-mail or add me to MSN. I've got a ton of free time ahead of me for Summer and while I should really do something more worthwhile, I really want to get moving on these classics. =P

If you would like to see a sample of what you'd be working on or the quality of the subs, please contact me and I'll be happy to send you some footage/screencaps!

All releases will be made with DVD raws provided by a very generous staff member, so expect the best of quality!

Looking forward to hearing from a kindred soul,

Last edited by Wickio; 2007-06-27 at 06:20.
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Old 2007-06-26, 20:59   Link #1411
Ayu Staff
Join Date: Nov 2003
Ayu is looking for Editors and QCers!

Ayu is in need of 1 x Editor and 1 X QCer for one of our upcoming summer projects.
Only experienced editors/qcers need to apply.

We are also looking for 1 x Graphics Designer (for website) who will be in charge of all our images and graphics on our website

Please hop on to #Ayu-Recruits @ and PM one of the OPs there.

Oh and if you happen to be an anime lover and a good UNIX admin, please PM me.
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Old 2007-06-26, 21:23   Link #1412
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: belgium
Group: Anime Yoshi

Project: School Days, Zombie-Loan

Position: Typesetters, Quality Checkers

IRC: ,

Contact: plz pm me here on this forum or send a mail to ty!


Last edited by livs20; 2007-07-07 at 09:08.
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Old 2007-06-27, 00:32   Link #1413
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Position: Jap/chinese to english Translator, Translation Checker
Projects: Kaibutsu Oujo

Hi, i want to see this be finished. So, if you have a free time then come on and help me out... it was sub to 6 but the rest i want to see. so pls help me. Thanks. Working with good people. all interactive.
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Old 2007-06-27, 02:13   Link #1414
Anime Toshokan Headmaster
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: El-Hazard: The Magnificent World
Age: 37
Send a message via AIM to Hideki-Motosuwa Send a message via Yahoo to Hideki-Motosuwa
Group: Anime-Toshokan Fansubs
Positions: Translator (Jp -> Eng) (Most Needed Positions) (All other positions are filled but are welcomed)
Projects: THE IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia & Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (2nd Season)(Any other the translator(s) wishes to do is fine)
Contact: (on IRC) Hideki-Motosuwa, Tsuikana, Sumiregawa-kun, or Uchikoma/Des|Away (Website) Hideki-Motosuwa
AIM: hidekimotosuwax

Going to our IRC channel and leaving a message is the most effective way to get in touch with any of us. We are in a desperate need of a JP->EN translator who can help us get caught up with our project. I truly don't want this to end up as another 1 episode release from our group (we're infamous for that) so any help would really be appreciated.....even joints are welcomed (just not with Serin).

As for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, we'll get into that as more details are released on when its airing but we're still looking for TLs whom are willing to help us with it when it starts.

Last edited by Hideki-Motosuwa; 2007-07-05 at 20:43.
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Old 2007-06-27, 10:19   Link #1415
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Group: Starlight-Fansubs
Positions: Translators (Jp -> Eng)
Projects: Either one of Zero no Tsukaima S2, Moetan or Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Open to other possible suggestions.
Contact: PM me here, or Okashii in our IRC channel. Look for Xyfreak or elfiena if I'm not around.

Starlight-Fansubs, the group which brought you El Cazador and Hitohira, is a group which stresses both speed and quality in its subs. Any new series picked up will be released at an episode a week.

The people here are fun loving tards, bound to generate lots of drama and lulz.
Translators here are people who find fun learning Japanese through translating, bickering over Japanese terms and translation are always welcome.
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Old 2007-06-27, 16:16   Link #1416
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Group: Tatertotz
Position: filled
contact: PM or MSNmessenger

can be freelance or stay on for future projects. would like to have the timing complete in a week or two at the most.

Last edited by Potatochobit; 2007-06-29 at 01:09.
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Old 2007-06-27, 20:26   Link #1417
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Group: Toki-Fansubs
Positions: Translators (JP/Chn - Eng), Translation Checker, Typesetters, & Timers (Must know how to scene time.), Karaoke Timing/Creation
Projects: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
Contact: or contact Sparhawk or Kioku on Rizon =)
Typesetters and Timers position is not limited to Higurashi.

Honestly, after 74 pages i'm not even sure if someone will even see this. But maybe I should be a little optimistic =)?
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Old 2007-06-27, 21:05   Link #1418
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Australia
Group: Kuro-Hana
IRC: #Kuro-Hana@rizon
Positions: Timer x1, Editor x1, Experienced ONLY.
Project: Kenichi
Contact: - mpr at #kuro-hana
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Old 2007-06-28, 06:14   Link #1419
Nya? ^_^
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Australia
Group: C1Anime
IRC #C1anime@rizon
Position: QC
Project: Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2.

Contact me on IRC or here in PM. I'm after a dedicated QC to work on this series in a timely manner. By timely I mean done with a script within 24 hours of it being ready for QC. Experience with a known group highly preferred.

This is the only position needed, just for assured quality of release. It's not essential but if anybody is interested, let me know. ^^
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Old 2007-06-28, 09:19   Link #1420
Join Date: Nov 2004
Positions: Translators, Editors, Distro and QC'ers. Experience preferred, but not required.
Group: Hikikomore
Project: Saiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series
Contact: PM me or SayaSP there. Or contact me at
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help thread, recruitment, translator

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