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Old 2007-05-18, 10:20   Link #141
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Originally Posted by roxybudgy View Post
Well, if it was on the wiki, then simply go to "History" and view the older versions of the page. Perhaps the link is there somewhere.
Thanks for your advice, I found it! I need to get as much info. to understand some things about the ending in comparison with the game. But mostly to understand some things that I was a little lost by. But I will say this was a really great show.
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Old 2007-05-18, 11:53   Link #142
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After reading through everyone's comments, I now have a better understanding of the series than I did before. That's what I get for trying to finish the last 6 episodes before going to bed. Not to mention things possibly being rushed to tie up lose ends. You have to come to expect it when they're adapting the story from a game. So of course those that already know the game inside out won't have too much problems. The only thing they might have problems with is the pacing and various edits with the plot. Even if they keep or change some things. But from what I read they seemed to keep things pretty much the same except for a few things.

I will definitely want to own this series. Which I knew I would do. It has so many elements to a lot of my favorite games ('FF', 'BOF', 'Lunar', etc...) Hell, it's based off a fantasy game. If the game was ever ported over I would pick it up. Sadly...

I definitely want to give this series another run. A really great and moving story. I really have to pick it up to show to my friend. Since he wasn't grabbed the first time. But I think he'll like once I feed it to him. Since he likes a lot of the same stuff I do.
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"I'm afraid 400 years won't cover me."
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Old 2007-06-29, 01:04   Link #143
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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
hint: amnesia.

He lost memory when he was awakened as Iceman.
He lost memory again when he was saved by Eruru.
He didn't regain these memories back until the last episode.


Now, there's a bit more story in the game that wasn't shown in the anime.
Spoiler for The fate of human kind:

Wow, that explained a lot, thanks for the explanations. The series makes more sense now.
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Old 2007-08-06, 01:08   Link #144
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Originally Posted by HurricaneHige View Post
It was never mentioned whether his child was dissected just Mikoto was dissected. And with all the hints they were throwing at you in the anime and game implying that Eruru was Hakuro's descendant one can only assume that the baby somehow survived.
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Old 2007-08-13, 06:00   Link #145
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yeah. so im about a year late. but this series was seriously good and is prob one of my top favorites. although the ending wasn't the fairy tale everything turns out perfectly and lives happily ever after kind it still was very great in a way though it kind've left me disappointed because i love the typical everything works out in the end ending. i also like how it explained everything by the last episode. damn wish there was more
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Old 2007-09-24, 09:53   Link #146
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I just finished this anime and I am kinda disappointed at the end, I hate endings where the main character or w.e just goes up and leaves and you never see them agian. Also what was the point in killing off yuzuha at the very end?
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Old 2007-09-25, 10:40   Link #147
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Better late than never. Spoiler free. ^_^

I enjoyed Utawarerumono immensely. It's the the best anime I've seen, after Death Note. The characters were all so amazing and portrayed extremely well. Whats with all the ears, tails and wings? Hell, I don't know, but I loved it! The Japanese voice acting was also brilliant, Hakuoro's seiyu continued to impress me through the series. The story grabbed me and never let go. I had to think quite a bit to understand it all, but thats one of the best things about it. The back story was very interesting! I never would have thought the animation was done by the same studio that animated Pokemon. Utawarerumono's animation is easily above average, it fit the show extremely well, without ease. I also understand the backgrounds were mostly hand painted. Simply beautiful. The whole world of Utawarerumono is beautiful. The OST is very soothing and really fits the mood of the show. I now love Suara. She sang the opening (Musou Uta) and the song at the end of episode twenty six (Kimi Ga Tame). The ending was very sad (I admit it, I cried), but at the same time it was also so beautiful.

Spoiler for Ending:

I could continue to praise Utawarerumono for as long as I live, the series is so amazing. I already own all the DVDs. If they bring out a boxset with some extras I'll buy that aswelll... That reminds me actually. There are also four special DVD episodes, which are absolutely hilarious! It's worth buying the DVDs simply for them. If you haven't seen Utawarerumono yet, why are you reading this? Go and watch it! You won't be disappointed, it is fantastic. Words can't explain how much I loved it.

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Old 2009-04-11, 11:18   Link #148
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Since I haven't played the game I might be wrong but...

Spoiler for Mask:

Gahhhh!!!!! I hate myself for thinking so much.

P.S. Yes, I know that I'm about 2 years late but I still felt like posting this anyway.

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Old 2009-07-26, 17:25   Link #149
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Wow, such an old thread, but I just finished watching and had a quick question here:

Spoiler for Ending:

__________________  1734

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Old 2009-07-28, 21:16   Link #150
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It has been awhile since I watched/played Utawarerumono but it is one of my favorite animes so hopefully I remember enough to give a proper answer.

From what I can remember it was Hakouro's blood that had awoken the being inside the fossil. The being than gave Hakouro a basic proposition; allow me to become one with you and I'll give you the power to survive. The mask is just an icon to reflect the fact that the creature is in-fact living inside Hakuoro, or that they are one in the same.

You can think of the creature as the devil so to speak; your soul for _____. Very similar to when he met Eruruu and made a deal with her. In the end I don't think we really know one way or another if that thing was actually a god or not. All we know is that it was worshiped as a deity.
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Old 2010-03-16, 23:35   Link #151
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Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
Nicely said. I agree I couldn't have thought of that without you! lol thanks a lot That problem was troubling me for a while... lol

Also, I won't blame on the author of this anime/game for...

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Old 2010-07-30, 12:35   Link #152
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I really like this game because this game does not only showing hentai but also had a very good story and great battle system with added magic and combo in it,,,,

unlike most other hentai game that have very simple battle system and sometimes added a battle scenes in it, just because the game genre is RPG or Action Or Adventure...

anyway, Is there someone who know other games that have a good story or a good battle system(both story and battle system if you know) like Utawarerumono???

if anyone know please reply or e-mail me

i'm sorry if my english is bad and thank's in advance
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Old 2010-07-31, 17:22   Link #153
Urzu 7
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A SRPG series I like is Fire Emblem. If you have a Wii, you can play the latest one for consoles. Fire Emblem is a Nintendo franchise. If you have a PS2 or PS3, there is the Disgaea series, and Final Fantasy Tactics (a PSOne game) is on PSN (check to see if it is on your PSN for your country; if you have a PS3).
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