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Old 2007-07-11, 01:16   Link #281
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Originally Posted by DeDe View Post
There are a lot of spoilers out there, but most of them seem to be fanfic written due to Himajin's correct spoiler. In case you missed it.

Spoiler for chapter362:
Indeed I read some of those fan fictions made from the confirmed spoiler, horrible lol its like they werenít even trying this time around. None the less, I and most likely everyone else expected this (suicide explosion) the only question is, the aftermath.

Was it another clay clone? I am reminded of the method Deidara used to escape Kakashi and Naruto. What does Tobi do ? How does Sasuke escape this? Is the explosion a fake and Deidara is actually inside a genjutsu? Is Deidara really dead (if the explosion was real)?

There was something in the SJ preview section about Naruto's team finally seeing something. I imagine it will be the explosion. Hopefully this means the focus will stop being on Sasuke and return to Naruto.
If this is true, then thank god! This fight almost started to drag on for me, and Iím so ready for a new arc and some focus on Naruto and Co. Also if its true then finally! Looks like Naruto and Co. hears something, about time Kishimoto. In any case if Naruto and Co. does hear the explosion, it would indicate the explosion was real and Deidara was not under any genjutsu. So once again what did Sasuke do to escape? Is Deidara really dead?
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Old 2007-07-11, 02:59   Link #282
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i know what you mean... this fight is gettting boring seeing the same thing repeatedly... sasuke seeing through deidaras bombs for 4 chapts zzzzzz

i hope we learn some of kakashi-tobi in the upcoming chapters geeze jsut say hes obito!!!
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