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Old 2004-02-20, 11:11   Link #1
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Great soundtrack

Hi all

I just wanted to get some suggestions on anime that have a great soundtrack to them. I'm still new to the whole anime thing, so I don't have a lot of examples, but so far I have found that the following have a great soundtrack and use it appropriately to enforce the messages being conveyed.

Gunslinger Girl has a lovely mix of action and the soundtrack helps bring out the underlying emotional theme to the story.
Now and then, here and there is a simple and young anime at heart, but the soundtrack gives it a sort of epic feel to it.
Full Metal Alchemist hasn't got the sort of award-winning soundtrack, but it is well chosen and just goes nicely along with the story.
Narutaru would not be the anime it is intended to be without its eery soundtrack, which helps remind us that it is a twisted and dark story amidst all the humor and hearty emotions (even if sparse!).

I am not really interested in romantic anime, as they are a bit too cheesy for my tastes. One can argue NATHAT is romantic, but I don't find it to be cheesy. So unless you really think a certain romantic anime would fit my needs, without being cheesy, I prefer not to have any romantic anime suggestions. Also I completely dislike wierd FLCL-like animes . So story-wise, I'd say anything along the lines of the above as well as Getbackers , Peace Maker Kurogane , Chrno Crusade , Area88 , Gokusen , Record of Lodoss Ware and Saint Seiya would do.

And to avoid confusion, I refer to soundtrack as the in-anime music, not really the op. and end. themes, although if they're also good, that's an added bonus .

Lastly, if it isn't too much to ask, I like seeing anime suggestions broken down into licensed and unlicensed .

Thanks 4 your time!
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Old 2004-02-20, 20:04   Link #2
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Some people may have a different perspective on this soundtrack but i think the .hack//sign soundtracks are quite good. Its either you like music or you don't. If im not mistaken i think the orchestra that does the music also does the final fantasy games. Most of the songs are somewhat techno-ish though.

Another great soundtrack is the FLCL one. The Pillows are a very addictive japanese band that does all the music for this show. One of my favorite bands that anyone can like. My freinds that don't even like anime love The Pillows. Also check out the show its pretty good.

By the way both of these shows are liscenced
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Old 2004-02-21, 17:18   Link #3
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Berserk have a great soundtrack, im sure youŽll like it, its great "background-music" also... and the one they play during the first fights are awesome!
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Old 2004-02-21, 18:04   Link #4
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Join Date: Jan 2004
I enjoyed the Narutaru soundtrack very much, and I agree that it added a lot to the atmosphere of the series. I only wish the songs weren't so short. Cowboy Bebop is another favorite of mine, the mix of jazz, blues and rock fits the show perfectly.
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