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Originally Posted by Obito Uchiha View Post
Spoiler for TOBI:
That's true...don't want to have my expectations too high
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Monkey D. Luffy
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Spoiler for Tobi:
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I don't care what your bias about tobi is, but I must point out this panel in chapter 280 (when tobi was introduced) indicating that he is at least partially modified by either sasori or someone with similar talents.

While it does not necessarily state that tobi is obito, it does suggest that he is someone who has been "fixed" from a lesser state, and it does also explain his ability to shrug off attacks. Perhaps even his legs are mechanical, which would explain his speed as well.

I personally bat for the tobi = obito side. The evidence, while possible a red herring, seems to undoubtedly suggest that obito was saved from the rocks, and his body was healed and mechanized. The fact that his mask has only one eye hole, which magically corresponds to the eye not given to kakashi also lends credence to this.

Now, with all that out of the way, I am going to assume he is not dead, as given the evidence he is most likely an important person, and important people don't die after doing nothing.

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