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Old 2007-07-20, 05:31   Link #1
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opinions on hds(part 2)

Should I go and buy a Maxtor Onetouch III 500gb 7200rpm/16mb cache external hard drive or should I go fickle and buy an internal+external enclosure? (130 ~ 200 bucks)

Both roughly costs the same but depending on what hard drive I put into the enclosure one, the warranty will be a huge factor (Seagate has like 5 years warranty while Maxtor has 1)

Also, I am looking into other brands like Western Digital, SimpleTech and Lacie but I read reliability isn't good or performance is choppy.

I'd like to hear some opinions about the said companies states above.

I've had Maxtor drives for ages and found them to be quite durable and long lasting (hopefully they stay that way even after the Seagate acquisition)
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Old 2007-07-20, 07:10   Link #2
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I will go for Seagate if I were you because it has 5 years warranty and they work great even at 60 degree. Maxtor sucks alot of friends of mine had problems with Maxtor
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Old 2007-07-20, 07:25   Link #3
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I have 2 Maxtor OneTouches and both of them glow like mini nuclear reactors. I think the only reason why they haven't died is because I make sure that they have a good air flow around them. My two Lacie Ferrais were the best pound for punch.

Out of all my hdds my favourites are my Samsung Spinpoints very reliable and quiet (internal).

The external model doing the rounds with all my techie friends is the black WD drive.
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Old 2007-07-20, 09:13   Link #4
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Ok first things first, are you going to be transporting this item regularly? Or is it just going to sit on your desktop.

Maxtor has been owned by seagate for a while now since 2005, if Maxtor sucks then Seagate sucks.

If you're going to need to transport it with a laptop (2.5") go with Lacie or iomega.
What you pay for in these is the ability to be run only on USB power and the ability to take a bit of punishment.

If it's just sitting on your desktop well buy a 500g Samsung spinpoint, quiet and good value. Get a good quality case with good cooling properties, doesn't need to have a fan but it should use the case as a heatsink to disspate heat.
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Old 2007-07-20, 10:53   Link #5
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Mmm you say the price around them both is roughly the same.

I remember i wanted to buy the Maxtor Onetouch III 500gb 7200rpm/16mb. It cost 130Eu here in the Netherlands. But i was to late and it was sold out >.<

So after awhile waiting i decided to make my own external HD. I went for a casing from Cooling Master. And a the harddisk i bought was a Sata II. 7200 RPM 16mb cache. The price for that was 154eu... So yea.. In the end it was more expensive than the Maxtor

The hard disk cost me around 119Eu. And the casing was 35eu or so. The reason i went for this is because, should i decide to buy a new pc i can always use my Sata 2 hard disk in there. I'm not to sure what kind of hard disk the Maxtor has(IDE or Sata) but at least i can make good use of it even when i put it in a pc. And the external casing even supports Esata. So it's nice if you got esata in your pc.

As for my experience with Maxton hard disk. I got a 60GB (6 year old) one. Which has been showing signs of breaking down on me. Some errors when copy files... Other than that. The hard disk has been used a lot for the past 5 years i used it. So i'm not to disappointed by them. My second 80GB which is about 4 years old is still working fine. So overall i'm not disappointed in Maxton

As for Western Digital. The only one that comes in my mind is Mybook. A friend of me has it. It's quite big.. It's bigger than most external hard disk i saw. Other than that. I notice it stays cooler than my harddisk. But perhaps that is because both my harddisk casings are from aluminum and the mybook outside is plastic. Which doesn't transport the heat as much as my aluminum once that are in direct contact with the hard disk itself. And overall i think western digital is a good company. But that is just my impression i got from reviews and other people.

As for Lacien. I read some reviews about them. But they didn't really gave me a positive feeling about Lacien.

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Old 2007-07-21, 18:46   Link #6
You could say.....
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Yeah but you only ever have to buy one case, once the hdd is full unscrew the enclosure, pull out the HDD, put in an airtight ziplock bag, store in a cool dry place and insert a new HDD again into the enclosure. You have to buy a new external HDD complete if you go prebuilt.
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