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thank i found a site
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name:shirochoochoo( white butterfly)
normal form: it is very light and very thin it makes people into thinking that the Shinigami that uses it is weak the hilt is shaped like a square
Shikai release:ganbatte kudasai (do your best)
shikai:it get smaller and sharp on both sides when you move the blade after images and the after images strikes the enemy.
banki:you spin the blade in a circle to make a lot of after images they chase the enemy in a spiral[/IMG] time

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Name: Tenraisori (Divine Arch)
Shikai release: Shui (Aim)

unreleased: When Tensaisori is in unreleased form it looks like a normal Kantana but the blade is black and blue. The hilt is black and the handle is blue with black wrapped around it.

Shikai: in Shikai Tensaisori is the shape of a bow, and at the owners will a blade can be from on the outer edge of the bow. It of course also gives the owner the capability to shot arrows made out of spirit pressure. (that's all i have for now.... I mainly made this one for one of my made ups..... It sorta popped into my head... oh and i got the idea from the Quincy bows.... i just thought it was weird no one thought of one similar to them.)
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black monster
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from up to down :sealed . shikai . bankai

my soul slayer's name : 炎の影 shadow of the flame

a normal sword nothing special about it

shikai :焼跡 burning up

it will burn 6 cm of anything it touch

bankai : 最終の破烈 final brust

when it touch you it will make your blood boil and then you will die
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kool i never thougt of that
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My soul slayer should be like this~
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how do u make a sowrd in photo bucket????
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Originally Posted by warkiller View Post
how do u make a sowrd in photo bucket????
Uhhh photobucket is just a file storage site ain't it?!?!

You need other software to do that...
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Hey Guys I'm new to Bleach but i've been watching the damn program like a MANIAC!!!! I'm going to give this zanpakuto thing a shot, that I just thought up. Give comments and if I have ripped off your idea, I have done it unwillingly please tell me and I shall change it.

Name: Moumei Tentou (Nameless Heaven)
Description: It looks like a normal Katana, and is well-balanced, but it does not have a hilt.

Call: "Know him well!!! Steal his Soul!!! Moumei Tentou!!!"
Description: It's initial release, Is a Jian sword with a long red tassel. It now has a guard which look like to small wings sprouting from the hilt.
Ability: Moumei Tentou can alter it's shape, size, mass and density and it's shinigami uses this skill to full effect, for example it can become extremely boad to defend against oncoming attacks like a shield, or it can shoot out and impale an enemy from a distance (like Gin's zanpakuto.) It can also become incredibly large or it can be compressed to increase cutting power.

Description:The zanpakuto turns into a normal Katana, but it has an exact replica of the opponent for the shinigami to use. The replica is as strong and as fast as the enemy and is able to so the Shinkai and Bankai of the enemy's zanpakuto.

The sword's true self
Description: The zanpakuto is a tall, albino, caucasian man with long, pure white braids, which he ties on occasion. He dresses in a shinigami captains uniform but the colours are inverted. He has a very soft tone and is always seen with a slight smile playing on his lips and cold, watchful eyes.

I am working on a Shinigami for my zanpakuto now but please comment, advice would be nice. Also looking for a good artist to draw my zanpakuto, his shi/bankai and his true form.

Desperately need a good artist with some time on their hands. PM me if you are him (or her)

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I've tried to make a half organic- half real sword, thingy here ^^
hope you like it :P
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Name: Migoto Kochou [Beautiful Butterfly]
Description: Is a small tanto knife, with a mahogany-wooden handle and sheath. Has no hand guard.
Also, Has three pink butterflies on the handle.

Call: "Let your wings spread, and may the wind take you, Migoto"
Description: It's initial release, Is a the same knife, but extends to become a kodachi.

Ability: Migoto Kochou has the ability to slow time down to make it seem as if the Shingami is going to inhuman and unfathomable speeds.
Yet, the attack cannot be used to kill the opponent, but mearly to incapacitate them.

Description: The small sword, becomes a tanto knife again, but the sheath changes into another tanto knife. The original knife can be used to slow down time, and the other one can be used to turn into pink energy spirits, in the shape of butterflies. These butterflies, when they fuse with the original dagger, it allows the user to kill instead of incapacitate.

The sword's true self
Description: The zanpakuto is a young girl, with pink hair, and red eyes. She plays a flute, and is in a mass of butterflies. She is innocent, yet very sadictive. When she is enraged, her voice becomes shrill, and she has no mercy.
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Gyokuei Aikuchi - Crystal Dagger
A very small dagger, but is incredibly hard to break because the dagger's energy is condensed into one small area. It is easy to maneuver and very lightweight making it easier to strike the enemy but also making it hard to defend yourself.

Call: Show yourself, Gyokuei Aikuchi
It appears to have extended an extra few feet and appears as though the wielder is holding two of them while the real dagger is still just as small and only one. The dagger also makes the user look almost shining and hard to look at without shielding your eyes.

Ban Kai
The sword actually duplicates to the other hand and both get to be the size of a normal sword. It also creates an image of the user that the user controls to trick the enemy. It appears as if there are two users, each with two swords. The image of the other user can not be killed but cannot hurt the opponent, it can only act as if it will.

A young boy, looks like a child of the age of 6, but he acts as an adult though. He can run faster than the eye can see so the user believes he just appears at places. He can also create reflections of himself. He has black hair, and wears clothes which are all different colors and patterns.
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Vasto Lorde
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u koe guys...i was thinknig for my soul slayer i thinking of having my bankai a spell thats possible aint it?kinda like how the episode when kenpachi takeso n 2 captains the 2nd captain had a unique bankai
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Atsumichi Hattori
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Zanpaktuo: Amatsu Mizuran (Heavenly Water Orchid)

The sealed state she is just a normal katana.

Length: 4 ft, 3 in

Hilt: 1 1/2 ft

Blade: 3 ft

Blade width: 4 in

Incantation: Let your waves crash as the heavy rain pours down, Amatsu Mizuran!

Shikai: The Katana blade grows longer by 2 ft and at the top of the blade, its width grows 3 inches wider then the rest of the blade.

Bankai: Gessa Tsumboshi Amatsu Mizuran ( Lunar Blossoming of the Heavenly Water Orchid)
Upon activating bankai the user is surrounded by water and engulfed into a plant bud. The bud is then pushed up through a pillar of water and blossoms when it reaches the top. The user inside enmergers waering a blue kimono with wave on it. Now the user can use his spiritual powers to control water, and if this bankai is done on a night of a full moon his power will incress by a ten fold.

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Soul Slayer Name: Zetsumei (Translation: End of Life)


Histroy: It was owned by a powerful mage villian, his name was Revan and he was half mage half evil Death God, but the power

of Zetsumei's sacrafical ability (see below for info on this ability) was so tempting that he sacraficed himself to gain

immortality for a limited time. He tried to destroy the world using Zetsumei but failed. Before he died he gave all his

power to Zetsumei so that when the rightful owner came, that person could carry out the will of Revan. His will was this:

End all life. Only The rightful owner with the intent of killnig all life would be able to pick up the sword and not die. If

they were not the rightful owner, they would die when picking the sword up like this: their other arm that wasn't holding

the sword would start to disintegrate except the bone and it would work its way down to the legs then to the body, up to the

head, and then finally to the hand holding the sword. The person would have the worst fate, no words could describe the pain

and magically they can feel all of this pain til the moment their whole body is disintegrated. So When i came i knew what

would happen if i wasn't the rightful owner. I picked up the sword and all of a sudden i fell to the floor from feeling this

heavy arua. Then everything around me started to die. This was because revan gave Zetsumei so much power that his arua

killed every weak life around the wielder (plants,animals,etc.). Then all of a sudden i heard a voice and i realized it was

Zetsumei speaking he said this: "you have no need for this weak Zanpaktuo!" Then i saw that my Zanpaktuo, before Zetsumei,

started to become black and then it all of a sudden decomposed! "I am your new Zanpaktuo now call me OUT!" "OBLITERATE AND

DESTROY ZETSUMEI!" Then there came a dark cloud that covered the whole sky, lighting and thunder came down, and the Earth trembled before us!

How it works: Because Revan was a mage and gave all his powers to Zetsumei, Zetsumei is able to cast various spells that

control nature,either A making it used against an enemy or controling nature to kill itself. Zetsumei has thousands of

spells that revan used. It's only a matter of time of how i learn each and every spell that this Zanpaktuo has within itself.

Sealed Form: Regular zanpaktuo.

Shikai:a sword that is black and has a hilt exactly like ichigo's bankai sword, but the hilt's bigger and in the middle it

has a X that come out from the hilt and can but used to toture weak people or infilict serious injury in battle.The hilt

with the X is comfortable enough to put one of ur hands where all 4 points intersect. Its 4 points on the hilt are long and are made to make the enemy scream in agony if hit with a spike while they're screaming i slice them up with the real BLADE! And the blade always has a black flame that has an outline of red all around the blade, the more the flame covers the sword the more percentage of spiritual pressuring im using of my total. At 100% the whole sword is in this blackish fire, At 50% half of the sword, etc.

Bankai: No one has seen my bankai, but i do have it. People these days are too weak, it's a privilege if you make me call out bankai! Anyways, my bankai is a spell. When I say "bankai" I raise Zetsumei as high as i can and then a dark thunderstorm covers all of the sky and it makes a hurricane affect in the sky and the center of the storm is where i am. The storm strikes Zetsumei and i gain a pretty good agility, not as good as ichigo's bankai but about the speed of ichigo's bankai. Every time i strike lighting goes to that enemy. Therefore every attack gets a direct hit. The only way for you to win is to not hit my sword or my sword hit YOU!

Abilities (that are known):

Sarafice: You cut urself and shed ur own blood on Zetsumei and Zetsumei will go beyond the limits. The more blood that you

shed for Zetsumei the BETTER Zetsumei's power for that time is. Revan thought that if he saraficed his whole body he'd gain

enough immortality to cause the destruction of the universe, he was too young to bring this about, he almost close to

destroying the universe but still wasnt powerful enough, therefore he died not achieving his will.

Lighting Strike: A lot like Bankai but weaker and can only be done once per cast.The wielder puts Zetsumei up in the air and

lighting goes to Zetsumei the next attack will give them a zap, usually used when the enemy is weak as a sort of toture.

Whirlwind: The wielder slashes with Zetsumei as fast as he can in the direction of the enemy, the agility of this atk is so

fast that Zetsumei controls the wind for a split second and sends a Gust, blowing him away!

Deathbeam: the wielder Screams: "DEATH!" and there will be a dark beam in the direct that Zetsumei is facing, if it

hits the enemy or the enemies sword and the enemy has a lower spiritual pressure, then the deathbeam will instantly kill the

enemy, if the enemy is stronger then the wielder of Zetsumei and the beam hits his sword nothnig will happen. But if the

stronger person gets hit directly he will get a cut equal to how more difference their spiritual pressure is different. This

attack can be avoided since its only a beam and has to make contact to you or your sword.

Spiritual pressure adjuster: Zetsumei is so pwoerful that if he and the user used 100% of their power then their enemies

would be to weak for enjoyment. Therefore Zetsumei made himself a adjuster for shikai and bankai forms. The more the flame

covers the sword the more spiritual pressure percentage of the max you are using. This skill is like kenpachi's eyepatch

where it masks the pressure. therefore if percentage is at 10% then ppl that are 10x weaker then the wielder or stronger can

cut the wielder. This abiltiy is always active and can be adjusted by saying this: "v% ZETSUMEI!!!" Where 'v' is the

percentage of max power you want. ex: 50% would be "50% ZETSUMEI!!!"

Pressure Armor: The weilder says "v% ARM" and puts the hilt of Zetsumei on his chest. (like the adjuster v is a percentage).

This ability armors the weilder with the % of their spiritual pressure that their using as of right now and aim to ONLY

Focus on armor. Ex: your at 50% Zetsumei and u say "10% arm" that means out of the 50% your using ur using 40% for armor and

attacking and 10% is aimed only for defence.

Pressure strength: Same as pressure armor but for offense and the weilder says "v% STRENGTHEN!!"

Freeze: The weilder aims Zetsumei and then says "FROZEN SHOT!" and a tiny frost shard that's barely seeable by the eye is

launched from Zetsumei and if the shard hits the opponent he will be frozen for at least a second and suffer by his attack

speed and movement by at least 10% for 5 seconds, this is the minimum for if the opponent has a strong spiritual pressure

that the weilder has At the time (depending on the adjuster ability). These 4 things (frozen duration and after affect) will

increase as the opponents have lower spiritual pressure then the weilder.

Flaming blood: the wielder hits Zetsumei on the ground below him and says "FLAME ME!!!" Zetsumei will light the ground under

the wielder on fire!! This makes his blood hasten and therefore his speed and attack speed is increased by 25% for 1 minute.

These are all the spells i know so far.

He looks like a 25 year old man in shape.But his body cannot be seen because he's surrounded by the flames that surround the sword (dark flames with a outline of red), he has Bright Blue eyes that are shiny. His voice is like The lich king's In

Warcraft 3:The Frozen Throne.
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Name: Avian Curotsuche

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 6''2

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Gotei 13

Squad: 11th

Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi
__________________________________________________ _______________


Name: Tenbatsu (Gods Wrath)

Normal State: normal katana

Spirit: shining lightening dittie

Incantation: Dageki (Strike)

Shikai: Tenbatsu turns into a huge sword (similar to Kyouraku Shunsui's sword) which controls lightning.

Attacks: Denkou (lightning projectiles)

Bankai Name: sougishiki shikyo Tenbatsu (Wake of Death Gods Wrath)

Bankai: Sougishiki Shikyo Tenbatsu covers my limbs with lightning and enables me to use shunpo as fast lightning with less reishi drain and using the lighting in my limbs as a close combat and ranged fighting firing it at will.
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ok, well ill draw mine now lol...

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Name: Isei Suneku

Age: 18 (He's much older but only looks that old)

Sex: Male

Weight: 145

Height: 5'11"

Hair Color: Crimson


Squad Number: 1

Seat: 3rd

Captain: Captain General Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai

Clothing: He wears a slightly modified Arrancar uniform, with his sword tied horizontally across his back (Like Soi Fon) with a red sash.

Personality: He is loose when around his friends but very serious in battle.

Abilities: Excellent hand to hand fighter, Flash Step, Master of Kidou. The strongest Kidou he uses is # 90. He can't control it very well and only uses it as a last resort.


Isei was born in the Rukon District 78. His brother was killed by a Vasto Lorde and Isei took his Zanpakuto. He learned it's name before he entered the shinigami academy. He was accepted into the Soul Reaper Academy at age 12. When the Kuchiki family learned of his skill they offered to adopt him. He refused and said I'd never join a family of pathetic snobs like you. Byakuya Kuchiki hated him for that remark and always looked down upon him. He was one of the few Shinigami to learn Bankai using the technique that Urahara developed. The low ranking shinigami said that the only time he used his Bankai was against Byakuya Kuchiki. They said he defeated Byakuya Kuchiki with one stike of his bankai. They say he spared Byakuya because he thought it would be immoral to kill a weakling like him. He denies that happened and says that he only used his bankai once to to test his control. He also carries a retractable wrist blade for desperate situations. He has never used it. He is not really as powerful as people think, he's just very good at srategizing. Head-Captain Yamamoto picked him as his 3rd seat so they would have a captain-class shinigami who didn't have to have limits placed on his power in the living world. He always looked up to Aizen but when Aizen betrayed Soul Society he tried to fight Aizen in Hueco Mundo. He was beaten badly and barely managed to escape. He is friends with Shuuhei Hisagi, Toushiro Hitsugaya, and Rangiku Mastumoto.


Name: Kuroizenchou (Dark Harbinger)

Call: Blacken the sky and bring death to light, Kuroizenchou.

Sealed State: A nodatchi (slightly longer than a katana) with an Hourglass shaped tsuba. The hilt is black with a red pattern.

Spoiler for Sealed:

Shikai: Kuroizenchou morphs into a long cleaver (like Ichigo's) that is pitch white with a crimson tassel on the end. The sword is thinner and smaller than Ichigo's.

Spoiler for Shikai:

Abilities: Dangan Kuroraka (Shot of Blackness) Fires a blast of black energy from the sharp edge of the sword. Can cut through pretty much anything if not blocked. Can also be used as a defense. Uses alot of spirit energy. Most powerful when Isei is experiencng strong emotion.

Bankai: Tenudewa Kuroizenchou(Dark Harbinger's Death Circlet)
Turns into a sadotchi(longer than a nodatchi) with a semi circle protruding from the top of the sharp edge. It is again pure white with a crimson tassel. A shoulder plate forms on his shoulder.

Spoiler for Bankai:

Bankai abilities: Fires an extremely concentrated blast of black spiritual pressure that cuts through almost anything at the cost of almost no spiritual pressure. Also Isei can manipulate the darkness so he can see at all times or make his enemies unable to see. It also increases Isei's speed dramatically.

Manifestation: A woman in a sleeveless shinigami robe with inverted colors and a short skirt instead of hakama. Her skin is pale and her hair is black and tied into two buns. Her personality is somewhat like Urahara's in the way that she makes things seem much more cheery than they are. She is rather perverted and always get's mad at Isei when he ignores her.

Vaizard Form

Isei has many tricks, but none is more deadly than a hollow that lies dormant inside him. He learned the way to control his hollow so he would never be kicked out of Soul Society. When he summons the hollow, half of a mask appears across his face and the back of his head (kinda like Ulqiorra's). The mask has a horn pointing down toward his shoulder and teeth near his mouth. Unlike most Vaizard he actually has a hole in his hollow form. He can keep the mask on for days if he needs to, but he normally only needs it for a few seconds.


Isei's speed and physical strength are increased by 110%.

He gains the ability to use Cero and Bala attacks. He fires his cero and bala from his right hand. His cero is one of the strongest around, because he has spent so much time perfecting his hollow abilities.

Spoiler for Isei in Vaizard form with Bankai:

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Well, I've made more than enough Naruto characters... so let's try Bleach for a change of pace...

I made a character since I figured I should have someone who wields my Zanpakuto.

Shun Watanabe...

His Zanpakuto is Raikoudageki (lightning shock). In it's sealed form, it is a normal katana, like most others, but in it's released form, it transforms into a rapier and buckler.

The Bankai form of Raikoudageki changes the buckler into armor which covers Shun's left arm. The rapier's blade lengthens extensively, and the handguard wraps around the right arm, connecting and supporting the pauldron on the left shoulder.

The effects of Raikoudageki are meant to immobilize an opponent in the midst of battle. As the name implies, not only do the released and Bankai forms augment Shun's speed greatly, the blade also holds a minor electrical charge, and when contact is made with an opponent's skin, the blade discharges it's electricity into the nerves near the cut. The charge shorts out nerve communication to everything connected to the damaged area, potentially leaving the affected area paralyzed for at least a half hour.

The bankai form allows Shun to control lightning at will, bringing forth storm clouds and thunderstorms to bring forth lightning to use for his purposes. The form also pushes Shun's speed to it's limits, making almost every movement like a flash-step. However, controlling lightning, as well as performing flash-step like movements drains Shun's stamina quite fast, so he often makes a habit of taking every measure to kill his enemy as soon as possible while the Bankai is released.

I haven't thought about the manifestation of Raikoudageki, though I figure as soon as I decide what it's like, you guys will be the first to know.

And there we go, my first Bleach contribution. Let me know what you think, if you feel like it.

-----Chicks dig giant robots------
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sealed form:Extremely sharp, but extremely thin also. It is easy to break, so the user cannot block, only dodge. If it misses by at most 2 inches, it will cut anyway, because it causes the air to become sharp too.

shikai: It becomes exremely heavy and large, and blunt, to heavy to dodge with, so the user must block EVERYTHING. Hard to lift, but will break everything except a bankai zanpaku-to.

Bankai: It becomes the perfect zanpaku-to. Balanced, extremely sharp, darn near indestructable, will cut through anything. Can shoot sharp pulses of air with each swing. Because the user must be fast to wield its sealed form, and strong to wield its initial release, it trains its user to become a well rounded fighter.

Havent thought of a shinigami to go with it yet....
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