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Old 2007-03-26, 22:50   Link #21
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Originally Posted by cuttups View Post
I wonder what Orochimaru's prison world is like from the point of view of the people trapt in it. Are they awake and watching what is going on or are they completely shut down.
By the way things look I'd imagine that they are asleep and dreaming. Since Oro told his former host that his strong feelings would reside in his subconscious there is clearly some "mental activity" contining to go on ("mental" rather than "brain" because they have lost their physical bodies).

It's an intuiging thing to think about. I like this concept because it rather reminds me of what I would percieve the spirit world (heaven, hell etc.) to be like if such a plane existed.

If they were awake it would be weird to look around and see an endless void with organic tissue in place of the ground.

Now that we have seen Sasuke going into Naruto's inner world, I wonder if Naruto will ever enter Sasuke's newly aquired world. It would be interesting to see the show go in the direction of fighting on a more spiritual level. Where the bodies don't actually fight but the souls do.

It would take a lot of explaining.

If Naruto were to interact with Sasuke I would imagine Sasuke pulling him into his mind the way he did Kabuto. Perhaps he may want to tell him something and could show him through a vision.

Some people complain that Sharingan is gaining too many abilities but I rather like this concept.

The only thing that is odd about it is that Zabuza said that Sharingan cannot read minds, Kakashi was only hypnotizing him to think he could to psych him out.

But since we know that Sharingan has the ability of precognition, being able to anticipate movements before they happen, that may be what he was doing instead of mind-reading. Sharingan can do better than know what an opponent is thinking.

It can probe your very memory as Sasuke did to Orochimaru to view how Itachi defeated him (even copying the jutsu from the flashback).

Kishimoto could really conduct some good storytelling with this ability.
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Old 2007-07-26, 11:31   Link #22
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Originally Posted by A.N.B.U View Post
oro is to sasuke as kyuubi is to naruto, notice that no one has yet stated out right that oro is dead, they all say he was defeated, or sasuke says he has taken over, i wouldnt be surprised from an upcoming appearence from oro when sasuke uses cursed seal which may weaken sasuke will and therefore weaken his hold on oros dimension
i agree with him. sasuke has the curse seal which is like naruto has kyuubi but sasuke cant really use it to his full potential since he hasnt fully turn evil. but orochimaru might come out like an alternative personality when sasuke goes to second form or higher who knows how many forms the curse seal has. and to answer one u your question sasuke defeated orochimaru's body but his mind is like a different personality in sasuke he just is more powerful so he keeps him supressed. inside him mind. and wat i think might also happen is the kabuto will find a way to weaken sasukes mind and will and orochimaru will come out for a short time.

and i wonder if sasuke can summon the snake now that orochimaru uses in the sannin battle a long time ago. i forgot its name srry.
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Old 2007-07-26, 11:46   Link #23
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if oro isnt dead yet,

he wouldve come out and taken over sasuke during that last minute fight with deidera which wouldve made it more interesting to the storyline instead of that bs no chakra summon and genjutsu he pulled on manda and switchin universe timeline
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Old 2007-07-26, 16:56   Link #24
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Originally Posted by sakun View Post
I wonder if sasuke can summon the snake now that orochimaru uses in the sannin battle a long time ago. i forgot its name srry.
Manda?, doubt he can that things dead.
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Old 2007-07-30, 04:39   Link #25
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gah must have missed that how did it die
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