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Old 2007-07-25, 00:56   Link #21
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if they do it with DX9 & DX10 I think they would release the versions on separate discs or a different package.
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Old 2007-07-25, 00:58   Link #22
at what speed must i live
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Originally Posted by Potatochobit View Post
well I do play some games, but the computer will be used for work too. I have the older adobe suite CS1 and will probably be upgrading to the CS3 design package at the end of the year.
Indesign and illustrator support multithread processing?
Photoshop CS3 certainly has been optimised for multi-core processors, so I'd presume InDesign and Illustrator have been as well.

Quad core would own in that regard.
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Old 2007-07-27, 15:42   Link #23
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Originally Posted by hobbes_fan View Post
Everything I've read so far indicates its been written specifically to use all available cores. So try running on an E2xxx or E4xxx or X2 which the majority of the population has, it'll be a struggle on a mid level or budget system. The 320mb 8800GTS doesn't look like it will be able to deal with all the eyecandy turned on either, the 640mb will do it.

So before you start laughing, consider this. Look at what the benches say for FEAR and Oblivion, now think about how much more improved the gfx is for Crysis. Now look again at the benchmarks for the 8800gts for FEAR and Oblivion with all the options on, what do you think will happen with Crysis? also additionally you're pretty much locked into getting that white elephant of an o/s Vista in order to take full advantage of dx10.
Don't forget one thing, Crysis is the first game optimized for quadcore and DX10 first of all. Second, those benchmarks are crap and were taken 6 months ago with ForceWare 97, now they have Forceware 162 which resolve the fps loss issue from 8800GTS 320 particularly
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