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Old 2007-05-21, 18:11   Link #241
> Haruhiist <
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both movies are great
but there is a part i dont get it
at the ending of last name, after the talk of L and Light's father, did L suddenly fall unconsious ? or what happened to him ?
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Old 2007-05-24, 08:56   Link #242
C.C. belongs to me
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theres a thing i want 2 point out, not sure if any1 has mentioned or noticed before

in the 2nd movie, there is a flaw

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Old 2007-05-24, 09:30   Link #243
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Originally Posted by guiltygearxt View Post
theres a thing i want 2 point out, not sure if any1 has mentioned or noticed before

in the 2nd movie, there is a flaw

Except it's not a flaw.
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Old 2007-05-24, 21:00   Link #244
Welcome all who's worthy.
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In my opinion, the movie was nothing compared to the manga. The storyline was messed a little bit and whatever happened to some of my fav characters??? I think the manga was tons better than the movie
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Old 2007-05-27, 00:37   Link #245
Join Date: Dec 2005
L-Movie 's website is now open!! - Starting Filming this July though...

There's a teaser trailer with it.

Sorry for double posting if there's already such information on it. Thanks! *Can't wait to watch the movie....* L~!!! :X
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Old 2007-05-29, 10:07   Link #246
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Location: USA
both deathnote movies were a major disappointment...completely inferior to the anime series in every way
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Old 2007-05-30, 20:27   Link #247
Harmlessly Eccentric
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I'll come in here (first post! Hi...)
Anyho, my friends and I have seen the first movie and quite liked it considering everything. One of my main worries when I heard about the live action was how they would handle the shinigami – I was amazed. Although sometimes when Ryuk laughed as my brother said “it looks like he’s choking.”

Anyway, there was a reason I came here – I’ve seen the first 20 minutes of the
second movie - I'm waiting to read the rest in the manga, dont wanna spoil
I don’t know if anyones commented on this but…
Spoiler for manga chapter 23:

whereas/compared to
Spoiler for 2nd movie:

Was this just some random change? Or was there a reason?
Little/minor detail, but it just bugs me heheh.

*Can't wait for the L movie!!!*

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Old 2007-06-08, 18:41   Link #248
Join Date: Apr 2006
C1anime is going to release the two live-action DN movies. I should have the first movie translated by Monday, and the second done in a few weeks.

Don't use Mishicorp's subs. Use ours - believe me, it's going to be the best fansub version you ever see. My teacher and I have even translated long strings of Japanese signs.

Good news - I've finished translating the first DN movie. In a month or so, C1 should have released it.

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Old 2007-06-11, 15:26   Link #249
GT-R Fanatic
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It's a shame I never caught the premiere of the film when I was in Hong Kong last summer.
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Old 2007-06-26, 22:41   Link #250
Super Ska Master
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The second movie was sooooooooooooooooooo much better than the crappy 1st one.
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Old 2007-06-27, 09:38   Link #251
Join Date: Apr 2006
Great news - Collectr, C1anime's editor, has edited the gigantic script.

Here's what he said afterwards:

The typesetters will be writing their own names in the Death Note after this...
The script's stats:

89 pages (double-spaced).

11,358 words.

52,744 pages (not including spaces).

3183 lines (double-spaced).

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Old 2007-06-29, 07:56   Link #252
Master of The Sword
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Just finished watching the First movie. I liked it...although..Ryuuk did look kinda weird in CGI.
Second one seems pretty good so far. Misa is really cute
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Old 2007-07-07, 10:27   Link #253
Reapers Apple
Ryuk Fan
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I really liked both of the movies.
I saw them before reading the Manga so I didn't really know it.
But I just loved it. Even if the storyline is different then in the Manga/Anime I think this was really good. Movie1 was then, when Ryuk came, my first impression of him. I think he's just so great and he's cool in the Manga, too.
Love Misas Actris in the movies, although she doens't look to nice on fotos I saw of her :D
Really looking forward to the L-Movie *_*
They should make a Ryuk Movie :D I would love to see somethin' like that *gg*
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Old 2007-07-08, 02:39   Link #254
Join Date: Apr 2006
Welcome, Reapers Apple.

Good news for more fans - I've finished translating the 2nd DN movie, and I've uploaded it to C1's secret staff forum.

We're hoping to release both of them together.
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Old 2007-07-08, 18:04   Link #255
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^Both movies have already been translated pretty good though...

Anyways, now it's time to go into official depression T_T...After the anime ended I still had the movies left to give me that DN fix (Had been holding on to movie 1 for over 4 months)..I watched Movie 1 last week and movie 2 yesterday, read the last few manga chapters too, so I'm pretty much done now...I have to say the movies were quite entertaining despite that obvious lack of expressionism that makes the anime so good...While they changed many character and transitional aspects, I think it was cool how they used those changes as a bridge to stuff we were familiar with...The bugs in the room scenes, Ray Penber bus and subway scenes, L stealing Misa's phone, the subsequent detention of Misa and Light, burying the DNs, etc. all were handled with the same integrity of the anime (The movie just created different avenues to get to the same "key-points" of the anime)...So in that sense I respected the movies...

No not everything was great, but I still had the sense the spirit of DN was alive in these movies and I honestly just enjoyed watching the characters come to life..So don't let the manga-nazi's steer you wrong, check out the movie, it's different in many ways but you'll catch the spirit of DN in each of them which is more than I can say for several attempted re-makes I've seen...

Seems to me outta the manga, anime, and movies, only the anime seemed to be overall consistent with Ryuk and Light's psuedo-friendship...The manga ending was just too OOC IMO regarding Ryuk (which is why I believe they tweaked it) and the movie ending had that feel of "movie being over" so they had to force Ryuk to $hit on Light a bit..In the anime Ryuk is soldified in his duty to have to kill Light and his general respect for the time and fun they had together...So I respect the anime's ending the most by far (BTW for some reason movie-Ryuk kept reminding me of "BAD" Micheal Jackson from the early 90's xD)...

Finally, LMAO, I know that actor who played L had to have become a diabetic on-set...He was eating too many sweets for a real-human...Now I'm thinking he just died of a calorie overdose and his DN was fake too^^...
Fly since ...
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Old 2007-07-08, 18:25   Link #256
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I agree with your comments, I hated Ryuk being such an ass to Light.

However, my favorite ending is still the movie ending, L beating Light is much better than Near doing it, and the way he did it was a nice and suprising plot twist, I didnt see it coming at all, writing his name in the note before Rem did, pretty awesome if you ask me.
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Old 2007-07-16, 05:44   Link #257
I have enough, I'm gone.
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Spoiler for First Movie and Anime Ending:
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Old 2007-07-16, 14:27   Link #258
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Age: 30
I watched both of the movies last night, and I must say, they surely changed a lot of the storyline. I expected some minor changes here and there to adapt, naturally, but still.

I was very displeased with Light's character. It was just so different from the anime/manga. Instead of being the self-righteous genius, who besides being popular, stuck to himself, he was sort of a jock. He had a girlfriend, and the early encounter with those criminals made the whole death note deal seem like a personal vendetta, not purging the world of crime.

L turned out to be pretty similar, but I think they over-stressed the idea of him being willing to sacrifice humans in the process. It seemed like they demonized him in a way, but I suppose they had to make his character distinct quickly and this was the way they saw best fit.

The first movie was a real disappointment, to be honest. I expected a lot more.
It was all too short, there was no time to get to know Light or L, the pacing was just way too quick. I didn't find the actor they chose for Naomi to be all too appealing either, but perhaps this is a biased opinion, since I did like the old Naomi way too much.
Spoiler for Museum scene spoiler:

I was quite pleased with the second second movie, I enjoyed that one. The alternate ending was easier on the heart than the original,
Spoiler for Second movie ending:

I would definitely have preferred if they included the Yotsuba part, as opposed to the female reporter carrying out the judgement, though, but that's just me.

Ryuk looked awesome, but he seemed much much more malevolent than in the anime, he wasn't as light-hearted. But that's ok, he is a shinigami, after all.

Rem was another deal altogether. Did they make her into a man? She seemed stripped of all femininity, and her purple hair was painfully absent.

Anyways, that's my opinion, what a rant.
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Old 2007-07-16, 16:51   Link #259
Fear the Vizard
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nvr mind this message wrong info so if one of the mods could just delete it

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Old 2007-07-31, 00:02   Link #260
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Yeah!!! It's official... L movie will be opened in Japan on 9Feb08... but the wait is so loonnngg...
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