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Old 2007-08-01, 18:05   Link #361
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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
They mean plot if the questions get answered and the intrigue goes from hinted to confirmed before the end of the series. And the answers would have more impact if they were shown instead of just a statement issued by the characters. A's succeeded partly because asked the questions right in the first episodes and showed the answers a bit at a time as the season progressed.
Funny thing is... that's exactly what is happening at the moment. We got our questions, and now the answers are slowly trickling in.
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Old 2007-08-01, 18:47   Link #362
~Night of Gales~
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Personally, while I have generally little complaint on the plot itself (( frankly, some exposition episodes should've been cramped into 1 instead, and some side characters really did not need to exist to begin with )), thus far, I'm not feeling the epic-ness they're trying to portray during the prophecy's statement. That's my only real complaint actually.

I'd thought that the progression into StrikerS would lead way to a more entrenched, more emotional, more destructive, world-destroying drama of gigantic organizational proportions, and frankly, I'm not feeling that. I don't care how elite RF6 is, in the end, it's just like ONE Special Task Force of an entire military.

I think that they're sometimes trying to balance the fanservice (( NF and etc )) while balancing out the plot exposition on a larger scale, and while it gives a slow impression. People who came in with expectation of A's would be disappointed... most likely.
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Old 2007-08-01, 21:27   Link #363
Jimmy C
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Originally Posted by keroko
We got our questions, and now the answers are slowly trickling in.
That should have been happening 10 episodes ago. Anyway, this isn't relavent to the episode discussion, so I'm dropping it here.
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Old 2007-08-14, 05:09   Link #364
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*is catching up now that episodes 16 and 17 are out*

-<3 Ginga.
-I agree with Nanoha. Teach your kids to take the pain and pick themselves up from a young age.
-They need to release some good official fanservice art with the Numbers, with Sein, Wendi, Sette, and Deed as the focus.

Am I the only one that thought DQVIII when he saw that?
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Old 2007-08-14, 05:50   Link #365
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Originally Posted by Bloodseeker View Post

Am I the only one that thought DQVIII when he saw that?
I myself was thinking "Bluebird's Illusion"

Literally speaking of course, I just provide that link for the pun


Wait, maybe not... After all, the Bluebird represent 'happiness'...

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